George Whitney Stocker

George Whitney Stocker

Laboratory Prep/Biological Reserve Manager
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1993 - Present
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B.S. Zoology, Ohio State University


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  • Jezerinac, R.F. & G.W. Stocker 1993 A new species of crayfish (Decapoda:Cambaridae) belonging to the Genus Cambarus, Subgenus Hiaticambarus, from the upper Elk River drainage of West Virginia. Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash. 106(2), 1993. pp. 346-352
  • Jezerinac, R.F., G.W. Stocker, & D.C. Tarter 1995 The Crayfishes (Decapoda:Cambaridae) of West Virginia. Ohio Biological Survey Bull. X(1)NS
  • Thoma, R.F. & G.W. Stocker 2009 Orconectes (Procericambarus) raymondi (Decapoda: Cambaridae), a new species of crayfish from southern Ohio. Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash. 122(4), 2009. pp. 405-413
  • LOUGHMAN, Z.J., THOMA, R.F., FETZNER, J.W. & STOCKER, G.W. 2015: Cambarus (Jugicambarus) pauleyi, a new species of crayfish (Decapoda: Cambaridae) endemic to southcentral West Virginia, USA, with a re-description of Cambarus (J.) dubius. Zootaxa 3980(4): 526–546.
  • THOMA, R.F., FETZNER, J.W., JR., STOCKER, G.W. & LOUGHMAN, Z.J. 2016. Cambarus (Jugicambarus) adustus, a new species of crayfish from northeastern Kentucky delimited from the Cambarus (J.) aff. dubius species complex. Zootaxa 4162(1): 173–187