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Dr. Brian Hortz has been a part of the athletic training staff since 1995. He has been in the role of head athletic trainer since 1997. In addition to his on-field work with Denison athletes, Hortz also serves as an Associate Professor in the university's Health, Exercise, and Sport Studies department and athletic training major.
In 2008-09, Hortz was named the Ohio Athletic Trainer of the Year which was awarded by the Ohio Athletic Trainers Association. Hortz is the second Denison athletic trainer to receive the coveted award from the OATA.  His mentor, Dale Googins, was named the Ohio Athletic Trainer of the Year in 1986.  Hortz was selected for the award thanks to his outstanding contributions to the profession of athletic training at the state and national level. He has also excelled in the classroom through authored publications, presentations and in his preparation of future athletic trainers.

A native of nearby Heath, Ohio, Hortz graduated from Heath High School in 1990. Hortz's interest in sports medicine began when he was an undergraduate at Denison where he graduated in 1994 with a B.A. in physical education with a concentration in sports medicine. Upon graduation form DU, Hortz pursued a master's degree in sports medicine from Ohio University while spending one year as the head athletic trainer at Crooksville High School. Hortz then continued his post-graduate studies at The Ohio State University where he completed his doctoral degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in health education.

Hortz's primary responsibilities at Denison include the supervision and instruction of student athletic trainers, both in and out of the classroom, as a professor in Denison's department of athletics, physical education and recreation, as well as administrating the athletic training program at Denison.

Included among Hortz's professional affiliations are membership in the National Athletic Trainers Association, the Great Lakes Athletic Association and the Ohio Athletic Trainers Association. Hortz is also an active member in several Denison University committees.

B.A., Denison University; M.A., Ohio University; Ph.D., The Ohio State University