Blaine Mannering

Blaine Mannering

Senior Assistant Director of Admission
Campus Visit Coordinator
Position Type
- Present
Illinois (including Chicago suburbs & North Shore), New York (upstate), Pennsylvania

Hometown: Pendleton, IN

Undergraduate major: Communication

Hobbies/activities: I love being outdoors, going on vacation, reading, and coffee! My husband and I bought a “fixer upper,” so we’re constantly working on house projects and enjoy having our friends and family over.

Fun fact: I coached women’s college soccer for two years during graduate school.

Something I love about Denison: There is something—oftentimes unexpected—for everyone, both academically and socially.

Advice to prospective students: It’s okay for your wants and needs in a college to look different than those of others around you.

B.A. (Hanover College), MBA (Heidelberg University)