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HESS grad Abby Scully shares her reflections on her directed study that led the way to her first job with the Columbus Blue Jackets.
Tenure has been awarded to five members of the faculty, who will be promoted to associate professor in fall 2023.
A life-altering trauma triggered Warren Hauk’s extreme light sensitivity. But it didn’t keep him from sharing the beauty of the natural world.
Learn about the 13 alums awarded the Alumni Citation as part of Reunion 2023.

Lily Callander

From study abroad to resources for international students, Professor Katy Crossley-Frolick helps Denison take a global view.
HESS graduate Peter McManus ’20 is at Northwestern University, pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy.
HESS grad Alison Maddox shares her path to become the athletic trainer for the Beach Volleyball Team at Arizona State University.
The entire Division III NCAA championship team is making the trip, believed to be Denison’s first.
Support from Marilyn P. McConnell will expand academic uses for the facility beyond traditional disciplines.
Presidential hugs, ceremonial cap-tossing, a magical student speaker. On May 13, we celebrated the hard work of more than 500 graduates.
As a scholar, athlete, and musician, Jesse Felker will bring a broad student perspective to the Denison Board of Trustees.
Denison helped triple major Ellie Blasko ‘23 explore her passion for piano, discover new interests, and land a dream job in Beverly Hills.
At Denison, seniors get the run of campus during their final days on The Hill. Follow along as we share their stories.
The Roommate Dinner, a Denison tradition, honors some of the college’s deepest relationships
Bonifonte talks about the playfulness of mathematics, the power of data to change our world, and some of his favorite board games.
Physics major Jaelyn Roth’s research helps astrophysicists see supermassive black holes and their related phenomenon more clearly.
Denison’s annual convocation also reveals the winners of the college’s most coveted academic prize, the President’s Medal.
The professor discusses his department’s rebrand, the growing interest in environmental issues, and his feelings on cell phones.
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