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Cinema major Arman Meinecke ‘21 is a cinematic storyteller with great experiences that give him a leg up in the film industry.
Author and nationally recognized theologian Kelly Brown Douglas will serve as Denison’s 2021 Commencement speaker.
Denison’s new Global Health major explores how societal issues impact healthcare across the world, including global responses to disease.
Maintaining campus health and safety—while also allowing a full college experience—requires a shift in thinking and partnership with students.

Adam Weinberg

President Weinberg on why spring break is different this year, maintaining campus health and safety—while also allowing a full college experience.
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Vibrant textiles from Denison Museum are the subject of Fashioning Identity: Mola Textiles of Panamá, an exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art.
Denison University announces a new program, Earth and Environmental Sciences (EESC), a STEM-based approach to exploring Earth.
An associate for Copley Equity Partners in Boston, Wills Hutras ’20 talks about why the Global Commerce major was a great fit for his career.
Nicholas Reichert ‘22 has a campus job in IT where he is learning more about himself and gaining pragmatic skills that will stand him in good stead.

Anna Mae Murphy ‘21

A prestigious summer program gives Cynthia Guerrero ‘22 the knowledge and networks to achieve her goals.

Malina Infante ‘24

Lucy Carlisle ‘20 launched her own business after graduating. She started years earlier with three internships and a opportunity-packed college career.
Denison and Ohiolina Music Festival announce a three-year partnership for students to perform with and learn from national touring musicians.
The Reporting Project puts Journalism students where the stories are happening — and gives them a place to practice their craft.
30 faculty took a winter-break challenge: learn to solve the Rubik’s cube in five minutes or less and learn to become better instructors.
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The Beck Series brings renowned authors and poets to campus so students learn from expert writers in multiple genres.
Midwest cities like Columbus have had some of the most resilient job markets during the pandemic.
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For the fourth consecutive year, Denison University has been named a Fulbright Top Producing Institution.
NASA will land the most sophisticated rover ever on Mars this week; prof. Erik Klemetti lays out an agenda to map the history of the red planet.
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Prof. Shiri Noy recently was awarded a $12,500 grant to examine how religious and secular Americans view kindness in the context of COVID-19.
Second in a series of investigative reporting by Journalism students on Black lives in Newark.
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International Studies major Khalil Bentley ‘20 has been awarded a prestigious Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Graduate Fellowship.
Musical composer Bryan Blaskie ‘09 shares his thoughts about the bright lights of Broadway and why getting a bad grade can actually be a good thing.
Philosophy major Rob Moore ‘12 is the principal for Scioto Analysis, a public policy analysis firm based in Columbus, Ohio.
Data Analytics major Jill Reiner hit the big time as one of three winners in the national NFL Data Bowl.
Psychology major Sullivan Ray’s quantifies the benefits of mindfulness during a pandemic.
Journalism students investigate and report on Black lives in Newark in a series collaboration with the Newark Advocate and the NAACP.
via Newark Advocate
Denison’s new Director of Campus Safety shares some of his thoughts about campus communities.
Denison is a QuestBridge college partner providing top-tier education to academically outstanding students regardless of financial background.
Denison University announced it has been selected as a QuestBridge partner college.
A senior describes how his Red Frame experience helped him prepare for the working world.

Jake Coplin ‘20

Research by Prof. Paul Djupe and Jacob Dennen ‘21 finds that identification with QAnon, Christian nationalism, Trump and anti-Semitism are linked.
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If you can work from anywhere, where do you want to live? Denison’s next-door neighbor Columbus tops the list - making it a great place to launch.
Denison University announces David Rose will join the university as Director of Campus Safety beginning January 11, 2021.
Lava lakes, Lava flows, Lava domes, Prof. and vulcanologist Erik Klemetti waxes poetic on the mysteries of lava.
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Sophia Menconi ‘20 is directing Samantha Simone (CBS “Blue Bloods”) and Xaiver Reyes (Kinky Boots National Tour) in “The Pee Test.”
Prof. Fadhel Kaboub shares how to Modern Monetary Theory insights to current issues such as the pandemic.
Heather Bellini ‘91 leaves a Goldman Sachs partnership to take a startup cybersecurity firm to the next level.
Prof. Karen Powell Sears explains the history behind racist practices in real estate and banking industries that restrict Black home ownership.
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Economics major Miles Davis ‘20 landed a great job at Cisco Systems in San Jose — here’s how he made it happen
Denison’s Studio Art department introduces Columbus Creative in Residence program.
Emmy-winning Matthew Hamachek ‘03 shares stories from his first Hollywood foray on the set of Master and Commander.
In “Fat,” professor Hanne Blank explores the historical and cultural history of fatness.
As a congressional intern for the US House of Representatives, Elle Stevens ’20 is contributing to history.
Thinking about boxes helped Dana Randall ‘21 step outside of hers.

Dana Randall ‘21

Bloomberg Terminals give students access to real-time financial news and data — and help prepare them for careers in business and finance.
“Midland: Reports from Flyover Country,” by profs Michael Croley and Jack Shuler is lauded for making reporting with ongoing value more accessible.
Leading employers and alumni share in an eight-week overview of industries skills, experiences, and trending career paths.

Malina Infante ‘24

When professors Fareeda Griffith and Karen Powell Sears began a mentoring program for women of color, they were creating an entirely new model.