Burke Hall was built in 1973 and houses the Denison Museum, a recital hall, and "black box" theater.
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Denison Museum
Use Academic
Established 1973
Style Details “New Brutalism” abstract architectural style
Burke Hall’s “New Brutalism” abstract architectural style was introduced in 1951 by the Finnish architect, Alva Aalto.


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Burke Hall of Music & Art Archives

Septura Brass Septet

Septura brings together London’s leading players to redefine brass chamber music through the uniquely expressive sound of the brass septet.

musician playing guitar

Jazz Guitar Festival Continues to Delight

The nation's longest-running Jazz Guitar Festival, launched at Denison in 1997 by Tom Carroll, continues to enthrall music-lovers.


dance ETHEL dance

Performed by a company of Denison dance students, the concert brings together live music and dance, two forms that are made for each other.

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The Arts at Denison

For the majority of our students, the arts play an integral role not only in their college experience, but also in the rest of their lives.

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Compose, Create, Collaborate

Composer and Associate Professor HyeKyung Lee writes for a variety of mediums, mixing styles and collaborating with others to enrich the experience.

Behind the Scenes

During Big Red Weekend, the Black Box Theatre in Burke saw the premiere of not just one production, but three.

Handmade Music

Bluegrass music is more than a toe-tapping good time at Denison, it's also one of the first-and finest-academic programs in the nation.