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A list of the services the Wellness Center can provide in each state.

The Wellness Center is happy to assist all students, no matter where they live, in finding mental health services that are local to their area/city.

Please call us at 740-587-6200 if you have questions or concerns about connecting with resources while away from campus and we’ll help you with the process.

Below is a list of the services we can provide in each state. Please note, the rules & laws governing distance counseling (counseling that takes place when the counselor is in the state of Ohio and the student is in a different state) are dynamic and changing weekly in many cases. The Wellness Center counseling staff are doing their best to keep apprised of these changes.

All students have access to ProtoCall

The Wellness Center has partnered with ProtoCall, a 24/7/365 phone service that provides immediate support for crisis assessment, intervention, and stabilization. Students can access ProtoCall support at any time and from anywhere simply by calling 740-587-6647.

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