Columbus theater troupe Available Light presents a workshop led by Michelle Schroeder-Lowrey.

Notice: this information is for a past event.
Ticket Info: Free

Columbus theater troupe Available Light presents “A Brief Introduction to the Science of Positive Psychology” workshop led by Michelle Schroeder-Lowrey, CAPP (Certificate of Applied Positive Psychology). Available Light will share an introduction to the key concepts of Positive Psychology which inspired the theatrical creation of “Remain in Light.” Schroeder-Lowrey is a founding member of Available Light and teaches music, movement, and drama at Columbus Academy. She earned her CAPP at The Flourishing Center and is a certified Resiliency Trainer.

“Positive Psychology has been a big part of my life for the past couple of years, and I’ve come to understand that, as human beings and artists, we need to give ourselves permission to feel a full range of emotions. That leads us to have more success at bouncing back from adversity and feeling happiness throughout our lives.” (Michelle Schroeder-Lowrey, CAPP)

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