Denison Art Space in Newark holds an opening reception for "Between Worlds," by artists John Donnelly and Karen Snouffer.

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Denison Art Space in Newark holds an opening reception for “Between Worlds,” a collaborative exhibition by artists John Donnelly and Karen Snouffer.

Donnelly’s artwork emphasizes distance - physical distance, travel, and place. His practice speaks to the time in which it takes to arrive at a location, resolve a conflict, and nurture a relationship. His paintings are predominantly reworked. This is consistent with his process, applying paint, then scraping, peeling back, and mining layers of meaning, experience, and history, discarding some and restoring others. While the paintings are autobiographical, Donnelly creates a universal context for the viewer to engage with. Donnelly holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, and a Master of Fine Arts from Indiana University.

Snouffer’s artwork concentrates on creating mixed media objects, collage, and installation, exploring the tensions felt in visual and physical movement and how contradiction has the power to expand that tension and beauty. Materiality is a powerful force as well through the merging of unexpected, non-traditional media with more conventional materials and techniques. After discovering chaos theory, she has been exploring how randomness and structure play a role in nature, in works of art and the art-making process. Snouffer received both her Bachelor of Science in Education and her Master of Arts at The Ohio State University.

Exhibition On Display Aug. 16 through Sept. 13

Transportation will be provided from p1 of Denison’s garage from 4:30 p.m. -7:30 p.m.

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