The Department of Philosophy holds another in its series of philosophy coffees.

Notice: this information is for a past event.
Ticket Info: Free

The Department of Philosophy presents a philosophy coffee titled ”Can We Still Love Art made by Monsters?”

Recently, many of the songs, tv shows, etc, that were popular in the past have been cast in a different light as the artists behind them or involved in them were revealed to have committed horrendous acts against others. For example, R. Kelly has been accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting underage women. In response to this many, including a proposed resolution in DCGA, have called for the censorship of his songs. What do we do with the relics of art left behind by these abhorrent individuals? Are we able to separate out the art from the maker and if so, should we? What are we to do in situations where the maker benefits financially from the continued consumption of their art? What should the role be, if any, of private institutions or streaming services in censoring these artists?

Complimentary coffee and snacks served!  

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