September 2017 25

  • Monday
    7:00 PM
    Film screening: ‘339 Amín Abel Hasbún. Memory of a Crime’

    The Latin American Film Festival presents a screening of the 2014 drama “339 Amín Abel Hasbún. Memory of a Crime,” an intriguing account of the murder of Amín Abel Hasbún, a brilliant student leader in the Dominican Republic accused of kidnapping U.S. Embassy official, J. Crowley. Hasbún was one of many young leftists fighting against the government of Dr. Joaquin Balaguer, who favored a repressive regime.

    Hasbún’s death shook the sensibility of the Dominican people to the point that Balaguer had to orchestrate an investigation despite the fact that his government had been responsible for the cold-blooded murder.

    With a plot that involved the CIA and the Dominican Republic Police Force, the film deconstructs the events that took place the morning of September 24, 1970, when Amín, his wife and 2-year-old son received the fatal visit from the police and country’s District Attorney.

    Open to Public: Yes
    Questions?: Charles St-Georges, 740-587-8503
    Address: Slayter Hall, Auditorium, Denison University, 200 Ridge Road, Granville, OH 43023
    Sponsored By: Department of Modern Languages, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, International Studies Program, Foresman Fund