Students pursuing projects in the sciences (biology, chemistry, computer science, geosciences, mathematics, physics, and psychology) may apply to conduct research under the guidance of a Denison faculty member. Applications for summer science awards are submitted to the Anderson Coordinator, Dr. Jessica Rettig. For more information, see the Anderson Summer Science Program on MyDenison.

Students pursuing projects in the social sciences, humanities, fine arts, and interdisciplinary fields may apply to conduct an independent research, scholarly, or creative project under the guidance of a Denison faculty member. Applications are evaluated by the Student Research Grants Committee (SRGC), an elected committee made up of four faculty members (one from each division of the college). For more information about the on-campus summer scholars program, visit MyDenison.

On-campus Summer Scholar projects typically last 10 weeks between mid-May and early August. All Summer Scholars receive a stipend, campus housing allowance, and supplemental research funding. Faculty members also receive a stipend.

Qualified students may also apply for several other specialized Summer Scholar Awards:

Ashbrook Summer Scholarship

Ashbrook Summer Scholar awards aim to “foster and promote research and educational cooperation between faculty and students in exploring ways to improve the political and economic betterment of the underprivileged Licking County person.” The Ashbrook Scholarship is open to any student who has engaged in community service.

Contact: The Lisska Center for Intellectual Engagement

Battelle Memorial Institute awards

Battelle Memorial Institute awards support science majors participating in research projects throughout the world. Some awards for entire summer support may be given, whereas other awards may be for a short stay at a remote location where a student needs to carry out data collection.

Contact: Dr. Matthew Jungers, Geosciences

Woodyard Scholars

Woodyard Scholar awards support students carrying out individual or collaborative projects in the area of “Religion and Civic Responsibility.” Woodyard Scholars are supervised by members of the Religion Department.

Contact: Dr. David Woodyard, Religion