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Offering Multiple Programs to the Campus Community

Denison strives to provide a multi-tiered approach to combating sexual misconduct and violence on our campus and beyond. Part of that approach is offering multiple programs to the campus community in order to educate the community on what sexual misconduct and violence is, negative cultural/social norms that may perpetuate misconduct, and ways to keep our community safe. Additionally, these programs provide an open space for community members to dialogue on gender, sex, and relationship in order to challenge unhealthy attitudes and share ways to better partners.

Denison Coalition for Sexual Respect (DCSR)

The Denison Coalition for Sexual Respect (DCSR) is a community group consisting of faculty, staff, and students representing key majors, offices, and organizations formed to promote sexual respect on campus. The charge the coalition is to share, create, and promote opportunities to educate the community about sexual misconduct, sexual violence, and other forms of gender and relationship violence and to advocate for those affected for the purpose of preventing violence and promoting a culture of sexual respect within our community. All community members are welcome to attend. Meeting are bi-weekly, on Monday’s at 4:30 pm in Higley Auditorium.

Open Community Opportunities:

Denison provides many different opportunities throughout the year for faculty, staff, and students to learn more about identifying and combating sexual misconduct and violence on our campus. Click on the Google Calendar link below for the most up to date information on campus programming!

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Opportunities Available:

Sexual Violence Prevention and Education can provide educational opportunities to organizations, advising circles, teams, halls, and/or any other group on campus by appointment. If you are interested in a program, please fill out this form, and Assistant Dean for Sexual Respect Cameron Morrison will contact you back.

Step Up! Bystander Intervention Training

Intervening in problematic situations and looking out for one another in a Denison value. Step Up! will introduce bystander intervention and give participants the confidence, skills, and practice necessary to check in, interrupt, and prevent situations. The full training is three phases and designed to be taken in order.

  • Phase 1: Introduction to intervention. Participants will learn what effects why people do or do not act, how to move from being a passive observer to an active bystander, and a model for how to intervene. (50 minutes)
  • Phase 2: Styles for intervention. Participants will explore their own styles for intervening, including strengths and weaknesses of that style, how to overcome personal barriers, and how to leverage the styles of others. Participants will practice interventions and leave with strategies and skills they can use in the moment. (50 minutes)
  • Phase 3: Taking a closer look. Participants will examine situations and learn skills to determine in the early stages when a situation may become problematic and practice how to intervene in those situations. (50 minutes)

Quick Talks

Series of discussions about how respect, personal accountability, gender roles, rape myth acceptance, and media portrayals can affect our attitudes and expectations around sex and relationships. Program is 6-8 talks lasting 15-20 minutes each, using a mixture of discussion questions, multimedia, and current events to lead conversations. (topics can be tailored towards your group’s mission, demographics, focus, etc.) Participants will learn how culture plays a role in our ideas on sex, consent, and relationships.

The Mixology of Sex and Alcohol

What do we know about the intersection of alcohol, sex, and consent? Participants will learn about the physiological and psychological effects of alcohol and how expectations around sex and consent with alcohol can affect our decisions in the moment. (40 minutes)

What is Consent?

Most of us know the definition of consent, but what is it really? What does consent look like? How can we get better at communicating consent? This program will give practical tips to participants about obtaining and communicating consent for sexual activity and will be an arena to “practice” what that communication looks like. (30 minutes)

Role Models

A program that asks “Who are your relationship role models?” and “Who are your sexual role models?” Participants will examine how thoughts on relationships and sex may be different/same, and how these attitudes may affect interactions. (40 minutes)

Casey's Story

Exploring the narrative of “Casey”, a student navigating the complex social scene of campus life. This activity-based program will examine how outside factors, such as gender roles and relationship dynamics, can affect our attitudes towards sex and relationships. (40 minutes)

Gender Cinema Movie Night

Examining attitudes and expectations of masculinity and/or femininity through a Hollywood film. A selected movie will be shown and a brief discussion will be held afterward. (times vary)

Partner Organization Opportunities

There are other offices and organizations on campus that do important work related to sexual misconduct, violence, intimate partner violence, and healthy relationships/sexuality. Here are a couple of offices and organizations and what they have to offer.

One Love Foundation Escalation Workshop

The One Love Foundation was founded in honor and memory of Yeardley Love, a University of Virginia student who was killed by her abusive boyfriend. The Escalation Workshop is a film-based workshop that educates participants on how relationship violence can affect those involved and how to recognize the signs of abuse, giving everyone skills and confidence to intervene and keep the community safe. There are Denison students and staff trained as facilitators of this workshop.

DASH “Let’s Talk About Sex”

Denison Advocates for Sexual Health (DASH) hosts a program for students to come ask questions about sex and get answers from other students with training in sex and sexuality education. DASH hosts several open sessions a year, however, if you are interested in bringing this program specifically to your group, please contact us via the form.

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