President's Speeches & Writings:

Community Update on career exploration, Denison Forward and more

President's Office
April 18, 2022

Dear Students:

As we head into the final few weeks of the academic year, I want to wish you the best in finishing the academic semester strong. I also want to provide a few brief updates.

COVID Update: COVID rates continue to be manageable across campus. Here is our dashboard. COVID will be part of our daily lives for a while, and we feel prepared to manage it on our campus.

Career Exploration: I want to encourage you to spend some time this summer thinking about careers. There are plenty of ways to continue your career planning work with the Knowlton Center team during the summer:

  • Visit Knowlton Connect for a full list of programs, including: the “Journey Program” for rising sophomores and juniors, the “Internship Success Series” for those who want to maximize their internship experience, and “Setting Yourself Up for Senior Success” to help rising seniors get a fast start on their job or graduate school search.
  • Please pay attention to the new Knowlton programs delivered through Denison Edge. You can find a list here. I am super excited about our new 6-week, hands-on Summer Immersion Program.
  • Register for a career community if you haven’t already done so. There will be important information and opportunities presented to you in those communities as well as during the summer.
  • Connect with the Knowlton Center staff, who will be available for individual coaching appointments throughout the summer. (Click on the “Schedule an Appointment” button on the Knowlton Connect homepage).
  • Be sure to check your Denison email, Handshake, and Knowlton Connect regularly throughout the summer, so you don’t miss out on employer or graduate school information sessions scheduled during the summer, or jobs/internships that may have mid/late summer deadlines.
  • Need some additional motivation to improve your resume and cover letter, or develop great interviewing skills? Denison has partnered with EdTech company AmpersandPro, a platform that guides you through these key elements of career preparation. Internships are available for any student who completes the program. Get started.

Denison Forward: The IDEA Team continues to do a lot of work to advance the Denison Forward plan. Once the semester is over, we will update the community on work that has been happening across the college. At its core, the Denison Forward initiative is about being a college where every member of our community does their part to ensure that we are creating a campus community where every Denisonian feels a sense of belonging and has the support to succeed. This work is hard. It is important. And it requires every member of our community to do their part. I am proud of the work we are doing and I recognize all the work we have left in front of us.

In particular, I want to thank DCGA for the resolutions they have passed this semester to support students who are concerned about the rise of hate crimes and speech. One recent national media report found an 11% increase in hate crimes in major cities over the last year, including a 339% increase in anti-Asian crimes. The rise of hate crimes and speech is felt by members of our community on campus and when they are off campus. I want to thank the students and student organizations who are doing work to support each other and to raise awareness and understanding on campus. As we finish up the semester, I would encourage all students to be aware of the ways your peers, faculty, and staff are being impacted. Be aware of groups who have historically been targeted and who are currently being targeted. Hate has no place on our campus, and we have the ability to be a campus where it does not take place. We are all Denisonians. And we all have a right to be listened to, valued, and respected.

The rest of the semester is busy. As I walk around campus and talk with students, I marvel at all the amazing things you are doing. Over the last few weeks, I have had fun conversations with students about senior research projects, watched fantastic senior music recitals, and enjoyed many athletic games. I am looking forward to the Senior Studio Art opening later this week. I plan to spend the weekend watching athletic events and enjoying all of the arts taking place across campus (including a new play, dance concert, and orchestra & choir concerts). Please let me know about events and I will try and make as many as I can.

Thanks for being a great generation of Denisonians.

Adam Weinberg