President's Speeches & Writings

Fall 2018 Campus Life Remarks


Adam Weinberg

October 31, 2018
Students walking on chapel walk

Dear Students: Three important conversations are taking place this fall related to campus life. In each case, we are inviting students to work with each other and with administrators to be co-creators of new ideas, spaces, and policies. This is a chance for students to play a large role in helping create the campus you want to live in. I am asking students to please step up and participate in these conversations. 

  • Social Spaces: The goal of getting larger parties into larger spaces calls for more spaces and re-crafted policies. Small parties of up to 33 can still take place in the Sunnies and we can still have multiple smaller gatherings taking place, but large gatherings need to shift for reasons of safety. We are going to revise our party registration and party host policies to make it easier to host larger parties in larger spaces. We are also exploring ideas raised by students of building new spaces to ensure sufficient spaces and opportunities for different kinds of socializing. This is a chance for students to help create policies, processes, and spaces in ways that makes larger spaces attractive. As Dr. Kennedy wrote, there will be design meetings on November 4, 5 and 6, for which you can sign up.
  • Housing Master Plan and new apartments: We are creating a master plan to refurbish every residential hall over the next few years. As part of this, we will build new apartments that will ensure that every senior has an apartment. This plan also creates room to build new social spaces and other kinds of amenities that we currently don’t have on campus.  Several design charrettes have already been facilitated by RED Corps and our architects, and more will take place in November. You can sign up here.
  • Sexual Respect: We need to become a campus where sexual respect is a driving value and where we all step up (starting with me) to make sure sexual assault does not happen on our campus. We are going to hold a series of dialogue dinners in late November to get students, faculty, staff and trustees around tables to have frank and open conversations about the problem and to develop ideas for moving our campus forward. Dean Bill Fox and Professor Rebecca Holman are working with a steering committee of students to plan the dinners right after Thanksgiving Break.

Each of these conversations is designed to improve campus life. We need to refurbish residential halls and the new spaces in the senior community will be great for campus. We also need to get larger parties into better spaces. And I believe deeply that Denison needs to be a leader on sexual respect. Denisonians care about each other and we need to make sure our campus is one driven by respect for each other. 

We have great students. You are a great generation of Denisonians. Please step into this space and help us get each of these conversations right. This is a chance to work together to enhance our campus community. Thank you.

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