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June Orientation

We look forward to seeing many of your students on campus for June Orientation. If you will be attending with your student, we hope you enjoy getting to know the campus and our hometown of Granville. We hope to see you there.

students in advising circleAdvising Circles

As your student begins to think about the classes they are interested in exploring, we encourage them to consider participating in an Advising Circle, or AC 101. In this one-credit discussion-based course, 10 to 12 first-year students meet with their faculty advisor to gain an in-depth understanding of the university and the Denison community. The class meets once a week during the fall semester and once a month during the spring semester. Students who have participated have found it to be extremely beneficial as they transition to life at Denison.

Thoughts from a Denison family member …

“I was impressed when Denison instituted and explained advising circles to me prior to my daughter’s arrival on campus her first year. During that first fall semester, I asked her how school was going several times, and it was clear to me in her stories that her Advising Circle was helping her to transition successfully to college life. ACs offer opportunities to share common experiences, challenges, ask questions and build personal connections. I must say I was actually a bit envious of her. I would have really benefitted from something like this at my college.”

— David Ross, Parent of a Denison sophomore


Healthy transition for students needing continued care

College is a time for students to develop personal agency and take ownership of their education, health, and wellness. To support students in these efforts, Denison has a variety of resources available. For students who come to Denison with a history of medical concerns, mental health issues, or physical or learning accessibility needs, now is the time to have an important conversation about their continuing care. We encourage you and your student to develop a plan to utilize the many great resources provided by the college.

To support the holistic health and well-being of students, The Whisler Center for Student Wellness (Health and Counseling services) offers a wide range of services by highly trained, experienced and licensed physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, psychologists, and social workers. Check out the Top 10 Things Parents Need to Know for more details on how Whisler supports student health at Denison.

Denison’s Academic Resource Center offers a number of beneficial services, including peer tutoring, the Academic Success Boot Camp, and accommodations and auxiliary services for students with disabilities. Students requiring accommodations at Denison should contact the Academic Resource Center to discuss their specific needs and how to submit current documentation. Additionally, students who use medication for ADD/ADHD or depression should plan in advance for prescription renewals while away from their home provider.

We look forward to partnering with you as your student continues to develop, learn, and become more independent throughout the next four years.

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Kristy Barngrover Clear ’10
Associate Director
Alumni and Family Engagement

Posted Date 
Monday, May 1, 2017

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