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Where can I find out more about Orientation?

On the Orientation Programs website through the First-Year Program. Denison offers several orientation programs, which provide incoming first-year and transfer students a unique, challenging, and enjoyable transition to life at Denison.

What if my student gets sick?

Health Services is open every day—24 hours a day—both for emergency visits and assessments, every day when school is in session. Health Services is open 9am—9pm on weekdays for the clinic and other non-emergency medical appointments with a physician or nurse practitioner. Denison Health Services is located in Whisler Hall, on the East Quad.

How do I deposit Denison Dollars into my student’s account?

Print this form and attach a check or money order to deposit funds into you student’s Denison Dollars account. For more information on Denison Dollars, please visit the Your Finances section. 

When will my student receive their housing assignment?

Upper-class students are housed through a selection process held in March of the preceding year. First-year students are paired and then housed. First-year student preference forms are due June 1. Many students will request amendments to their preference forms as they learn more about the university during June orientation; therefore, we wait until July 1 to begin the matching process. Letters are sent to students notifying them of their roommate’s name, phone number, and mailing address by the first week in August. Please visit the Office of Residential Education and Housing website for more information.

Can first-year students have cars on campus?

Yes, first-year students may have a car on campus. See additional information about vehicles on campus.

Where should we send mail and packages to our student?

Student Name
Denison University
[Slayter Box #] Slayter Union
Granville, OH 43023

Your student will keep the same address all four years. Upon arrival of packages, students will receive both an email and a notification slip in their Slayter Box. Students must present a photo ID in order to pick up a package.