June-O is here! Welcome to Denison!

Students: Please go to MyDenison for your schedule, session Zoom links, and password for the families website.

Parents and Families: Please visit the June-O for Families website.

Contact the First-Year Office at 740-587-6224 or firstyear@denison.edu with questions!

June Orientation 2019 Staff

June Orientation (June-O) is a two-day experience that provides an ideal opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with Denison, learn about opportunities that will be available to you, and meet faculty, current students, and some of your first-year peers!

June-O’s main focus is on academic preparation and course registration. You will leave June-O with your class schedule all set and feeling more prepared for a successful start when you return to campus in the fall. Parents and adult family members are welcome and are encouraged to attend our concurrent Parent/Family Orientation programs.


  • Establish a relationship with a mentor team consisting of a faculty member and a current student to ease your transition into college;
  • Learn about the academic policies, procedures, and expectations of Denison, including the General Education Program, majors and minors, study abroad opportunities, internships, career connections, and more;
  • Set your fall schedule!
  • Determine advanced placement credit, transfer credit, and math and foreign language enrollment levels;
  • Meet your fellow classmates so you see familiar faces when you return to campus in the fall.

All incoming first-year student will register for one of our 6 sessions of June-O. International students still residing in their native country will be contacted in late May to do course planning and remote registration.

June-O 2020 Session Dates

  • Session 1: June 2-3 (Tuesday, Wednesday)
  • Session 2: June 5-6 (Friday, Saturday)
  • Session 3: June 8-9 (Monday, Tuesday)
  • Session 4: June 11-12 (Thursday, Friday)
  • Session 5: June 13-14 (Saturday, Sunday)
  • Session 6: June 16-17 (Tuesday, Wednesday)

Register for Virtual June Orientation by May 15!

The Program

The class of 2024 will be part of the most unique experiment in First-Year Program history - our first completely virtual June-O! This virtual version of June-O will offer the same opportunities to build connections with other first-year students, faculty, and members of our June-O Student Staff. The program will consist primarily of small group and one-on-one academic planning sessions with a Student and Faculty Advisor, but will also include a combination of pre-recorded content, live Q&A with various representatives from our campus (including President Adam Weinberg!), and even social activities with your new peers. Our goal is to help you create the new relationships during June-O that will ease the transition into your first year at Denison, even if you have to build those relationships through your screens.

For the most recent schedule, please contact the first-year office at firstyear@denison.edu.

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