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Academics That Take on the World

Many of Denison's academic programs are built on the foundation of our commitment to cultural diversity. We offer a variety of majors, minors and concentrations that focus on unique people groups, and each student is required to take at least one course in minority or women's studies in his or her general education coursework.

Whatever major you choose, Denison's ethnically diverse faculty and staff bring a world of perspectives to your college experience. From classics to computer science, you'll discover how different cultures have contributed to the academic discipline you love. Denison also offers majors and concentrations in East Asian Studies, International Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies like COSEN (Carolinas-Ohio Science Educational Network), designed to help students of color and women to enter and succeed in the sciences and mathematics.


Explore the Black experience in Denison's Black Studies program, an interdisciplinary major that combines coursework in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and fine arts to investigate the past, present and future of the worldwide African community.

Our innovative courses include:

  • Gender, Race, and the Media
  • The Harlem Renaissance
  • Afro American Dance Theater Jazz and other music of Black Americans
  • Oral Tradition and Folk Imagination
  • Black Women and Organizational Leadership
  • The Narratives of Black America

Thinking Ahead

Where Can You Go With a Degree From Denison?

Selecting a college carries natural implications for the direction of your future. Denison prepares you well — for living and making a living.

You can find Denison alumni in just about any career field imaginable around the globe. We intend to pass along the skills you need for your chosen path and we offer professional placement services to help you on your way. The Career Services Office welcomes all students for counsel and practice assistance.

A list of careers and employers




ABC News

Senior Chemist

Knoll Pharmaceuticals


Wight International, Inc.


Howard University


Reid Dugger Consulting Group


Household International


The Concord Baptist Church of Christ

Elementary Guidance Counselor

Jennings Public Schools

TV Sports Anchor


Physician/Fellow in Nephrology

Temple University Medical Center

President/General Manager/Owner


Speech/Language Pathologist

Mt. Vernon Public Schools

National Accounts Manager

Delta Airlines

Vice President

The Bank of New York


Five Sisters Productions


National Afro-American Museum


Harlem Hospital


McDonald Richards, Inc

Head Dance and Gymnastics Instructor

Riegel Ridge YMCA

Independent Filmmaker

Fresh Productions

Teacher / Kindergarten

Freedom Christian Academy


Fingers Nigeria LTD.

Dolphin Trainer / Researcher

Kewalo Basin Marine Mammal Lab


Kennedy Krieger Family Center

Senior Vice President, Publicity

The Carsey-Werner Company


L.C. Wegard

Record Producer/Music Dir. / Song writer

Travel Productions

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