Multicultural Student Affairs

The cultural fabric of Denison provides myriad experiences which enable students to not only learn more about each other, but to also learn more about themselves as individuals and as members of a global community.

From having lunch with a student from China or the city of Chicago, to community service in Heath or Newark, to discussing issues of identity and belonging, wherever you go on our campus, you'll discover new ways of looking at things, and you'll teach others what it's like to see the world.

Our 21st century graduates will have the capacity to process more information than any other generation that has preceded them. They will be forced to rethink the world in which they live, and will have to face the reality that the only way to deal effectively with insufficiency is to develop a strong communal base. This communal base will require students to find ways to connect with each other irrespective of their varied backgrounds and differences.

Multi-Cultural Student Affairs assumes an active role in helping students find ways to connect. Through a spectrum of learning experiences and educational services we seek to help create and sustain a campus environment where students not only respect themselves but an environment that engenders mutual respect among the student body across ethnic-racial, cultural, religious, gender, socio-economic status, (dis)ability and sexual orientation lines.

The Office of Multi-Cultural Student Affairs works very closely with academics, administrative departments, and student organizations to develop interventions which will have a profound impact on students as they move from entry to graduation.

International Student Services

International students on chapel walk

International Student Services is committed to serving as a resource for learning about and fostering cross-cultural awareness and competency at Denison University.

Our growing international community includes foreign nationals, U.S. citizens and permanent residents who live abroad, and individuals who identify as global citizens. In partnership with teaching faculty, staff and the broader student community, we strive to enhance educational opportunities and promote intercultural exchange throughout our campus and local communities.

International Student Services offers students who have been educated abroad the tools, guidance and instruction to engage and perform at their optimal level in the U.S. academic domain. To that end, we provide a comprehensive pre-orientation program for entering students, one on one advising on the academic, social and personal challenges associated with living and learning in an unfamiliar culture, and continuing education on the immigration regulations, requirements and expectations pertinent to the non-immigrant student visa.

Denison Cultural Diversity

Denison has a history of cultural diversity. We graduated our first African American student in 1886 — William Ambler Meredith — at a time when many still believed in denying education to people of color. Our tradition includes students from all nations as well, with the founding of the Cosmopolitan Club in 1921, a group which is “open to all citizens of the world”.

In 1990, Denison took another dramatic step toward improving the campus community for all students with the introduction of the office of multicultural affairs. Through workshops, open forums, residence hall activities and other programming, the Office of Multi-Cultural Student Affairs strives to make Denison a better place to be who you are.

Class of 2016 Statistics
Class of 2016 Statistics
6.7% African American Students
3.9% Asian American Students
10.0% Hispanic/Latino Students
66.1% White
3.8% Multiracial
7.6% International (Non-Residential Alien) Students
1.7% Undisclosed
2012-2013 Student Body
2012-2013 Student Body
6% African American Students
3% Asian American Students
7% Hispanic/Latino Students
<1% Native American Students
4% Multiracial
7% International (Non-Resident Alien) Students


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Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement
100 West College Street
Granville, OH 43023

Thomas Witherspoon ’05

Associate Dean of Students/Director of Multicultural Student Affairs

Marilyn Andrew

Director of International Student Services

Neica Lyn Raker

Assistant to the Director of Multicultural Student Affairs
Assistant to the Director of Gender & Sexuality

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