David Villagomez, Archives and Special Collections Intern

David Villagomez

The Denison Library Archives & Special Collections has an extensive and growing collection of Artist's Books.

David Villagomez, intern with the Denison Archives & Special Collections, worked on the Artist's Books collection over the summer: “The summer internship at the Denison Archives and Special Collections was a growing experience for me.

“I learned how to manage time efficiently and think ahead when I was creating the digital exhibit for Denison’s Artist’s Book collection. The internship gives students enough independence to work a little bit of themselves into the projects, but we knew we could reach out for help at anytime and use other employees in the library for help as well.

“The internship provides a space where students can explore the archivist profession and allows students to have a better understanding of this career. We visited all sorts of archives (i.e. university, museum, and county archives) and got behind the scenes tours of the facilities. Overall it was an enriching experience that allowed me to explore the archivist career and which got me very interested in working with special collections.”

Understanding and defining Artist's Books is not an easy task. Weeding out the non-Artist's Books relied on being able to define what exactly an Artist's Book is. Under The “Helpful Links” page you'll find the videos and websites that were used in the creation of this exhibit.

You can search through this collection by the academic division.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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