Body Image

Body image is how you perceive the attractiveness of your own body compared to the standards that have been set by society. Body image can be both positive and negative, and it is important to your health and well-being to understand how to develop a healthy body image.

Embodied Wellness

The Embodied Wellness Initiative promotes positive messages to educate students on practices for maintaining balanced health. It provides a holistic approach to promoting awareness, education, support, and empowerment for students to embrace healthy lifestyles, particularly when caring for their bodies.

The Embodied Wellness Team is an interdisciplinary team of professionals from the Office of Student Development and the Wellness Center, as well as faculty and current students. The team addresses the growing problem of eating disorders on across the country and on campus. In the last several years, the national rate of eating disorders among both female and male college students has increased.

The following guide provides information and guidelines for faculty, staff, administrators, and students seeking help when one’s own or another’s health is of concern.

Eating Disorder Interdialogue Guidelines

Love Your Body Week

Denison’s Love Your Body Week is an annual campaign to promote positive body image and healthy habits. It also serves to raise awareness about negative impacts on body image by the media.

Tabling throughout the week includes:

  • Body image quiz and information on how to help a friend
  • Campus and community resources
  • Buttons, flyers and poster with positive messaging
  • Post card to write positive messages to friend and place in mailbox
  • Bookmarks on positive body talk

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week NEDA—February

Many college students struggle with the way they look or how they feel about their bodies, with one out of three normal dieters progressing to pathological dieting. By recognizing the symptoms of eating disorders, and getting help, students can end their preoccupation with food and focus their efforts on developing healthy eating and exercise habits.

The National Eating Disorders Screening Program (NEDSP) is designed to educate and screen college students for eating disorders, and to connect at-risk students with the resources they need.

Each year during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, we provide:

  • An online screening tool with immediate feedback and links to resources
  • Tabling to provide information on campus and local resources
  • Healthy Brain Booster Dinner: foods to eat to fuel your brain for performance on the court and in the classroom
  • Movie Screenings and Q & A

The Great Jeans Giveaway

Across the nation, the Great Jeans Giveaway serves as NEDA’s signature event for the national awareness week to reinforce the message “embrace your genes, wear jeans that fit the true you.” The event asks participants to bring in old pairs of jeans because too often individuals struggle against their natural, genetically influenced size just to fit into that pair of “skinny jeans” in the back of their closets. Fighting one’s natural size and shape can lead to unhealthy dieting practices, poor body image and eating disorders. Embodied wellness places donation boxes in service centers and Slayter Union to collect unwanted jeans and donate them to a local charity.

Web Resources

Contact Us


Please call 740-587-6200 and press #1 to schedule an appointment with a member of our medical or behavioral staff

*Given demand for student appointments, we ask that you cancel any appointment you are unable to attend.

Counseling “Walk-in Hour”:

No appointment necessary
Monday through Friday
11:30 am - 12:30 pm.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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