Denison Groundskeeper Has Advice on Handling Snow and Ice

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Kevin Mercer, manager of Denison's groundskeeping, has launched a column in the Newark Advocate, sharing advice on landscaping and garden maintenance.

He offers these tips on the best ways to combat winter's snow and ice.

The use of granular ice melts should be part of an ice control strategy, along with the physical removal of snow and ice. By applying an ice melt before precipitation begins, you can prevent ice from bonding to the traffic surface, and simplify shoveling or plowing. However, pre-application may cause a brine to refreeze under a heavy snowpack if removal of snow does not occur in a reasonable time. Here are some guidelines for applying ice melt after precipitation has fallen:

  • Dry Powdery Snow: Can be shoveled or swept, and may not require the use of ice melt.
  • Sleet/Freezing Rain: Apply ice melt early to prevent ice buildup. Repeatedly keep shoveling ice and slush from sidewalks or driveways to keep it from freezing.
  • Accumulating Snow: Apply ice melt as soon as wet/heavy snow is remove from the sidewalks and driveways to prevent the thin layer of snow from bonding and freezing to surface.
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Friday, January 26, 2018

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