Green Office Certification Program

Best Practices into the Workplace

Over the past few years, Denison University has been striving to be a more sustainable and environmentally conscious institution. The Denison Green Office Program gives the opportunity for all parts of campus to participate in sustainable practices.

Completion of the Green Office Program Certification involves:

  • Appointing someone in your department/office to be the contact person for the process
  • Contacting the Sustainability Coordinator to indicate your interest in the program
  • Completing a self-assessment Green Office Checklist 2014
  • Scheduling an office visit with a Green Office Program evaluator and the appointed contact person or another representative from your office
  • Reviewing a compiled list of best practices and areas of concern, as well as recommendations for improvement
  • Holding a meeting with all office staff/faculty to discuss the results of the Green Office assessment and certification

Certified offices and Departments will be recognized in campus publications and will receive a certificate to post in the office.

What is the program?

The Green Office Certification Program is designed to help offices and departments develop and implement sustainability best practices into the workplace. Working with the Office of Sustainability your office or department will assess its current practices and receive suggestions on how to become more environmentally sustainable. After adopting the sustainable practices suggested by the program, your office/department will be assigned into one of four levels of certification: one leaf, two leaves, three leaves, or four leaves.

Why should my department care?

By making a few simple changes offices can:

  • Reduce their environmental footprint
  • Meet Denison’s sustainability goals and commitments
  • Respond to the growing interest of students, faculty, staff, trustees and the surrounding community in sustainability o Help Denison save money and resources

What is the process?

The process of the Green Office Certification Program is simple. Start by completing the pre-assessment checklist available on the web or by contacting Jeremy King. This will allow the assessment team to understand what your office is already doing and what can be done to incorporate more sustainable practices. Once the pre-assessment is done, simply submit the checklist to the Office of Sustainability. Within a couple of weeks a member of the assessment team will come to evaluate your department in person and write up a report. Soon after they will meet with a point contact from your department to discuss the results. This assessment will include highlights of what the department is doing well and opportunities for improvement. At the conclusion of the certification program your department will receive a Green Office rating ranging from One Green Leaf to Four Green Leaves depending on how much your office is doing with respect to addressing sustainability.

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