First in Their Families to Attend College

First-generation college students are the first in their families to attend college. For many first-gen students, it takes a lot of initiative and courage just to get through the admissions and enrollment process—and then comes the work of finding your place, feeling like a Denisonian, and persevering in your educational goals.

At Denison, there is a lot of pride in being a first-generation college student. Nearly one in every five Denison students is a first-generation college student. And the experiences of Denison “first-gens” are integral to the life of the college. Proportionally first-gens are more likely to serve as student leaders throughout the campus. Denison is proud to welcome first-generation students and the college works hard to help students get the most from their Denison education.

Students may not realize that many members of the faculty and staff were the first-generation of their families to attend college as well. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to helping our first-gen students and to celebrating their accomplishments. We applaud the talents, the strength and the determination that first-generation students exercise to succeed in achieving their goals.

First Generation Campus Resources

There are many resources available at Denison to help all students, including first-generation college students. Visit these offices with any questions, as these staff can provide direction, guidance, and support.