Honestly, food is important. It’s how we bring energy to our day. It’s a “time-out” with friends. It’s a way to reconnect with who we are. It literally makes up every bit and part of you.

You don’t need just one kind of food — and you’ll find hundreds of tastes and food experiences on campus. We’ve got lots of options for you.

Curtis and Huffman dining halls and Slayter Market all serve fresh, local food, cooked right here by our Bon Appetit chefs. YUM. Catch a student performance and pick up a Snagle (a bagel topped with cream cheese, cinnamon and sugar - it’s a Denison thing) at the student-run Bandersnatch coffeehouse in the lower level of Huffman Hall. Grab a snack and chill at the Nest on the third floor of Slayter. Sip a smoothie after your workout at the D-Fuse Bar in Mitchell.

And each of the 850,000 meals we make during the year is made with 38% local farm-to-fork food.

Curtis Café and Huffman Café Dining Prices for Non-Students

Denison faculty, staff, and other guests are always welcome to eat at Curtis Café and Huffman Café as well.

Dining Prices



General Public/Students not on meal plan