Visitor Information

All campus visitors are required to follow all masking guidelines as we continue to develop guidance and plan events for the coming year, we may issue special guidelines for visitors for certain events or settings.

Audience Visitors

We are restricting outside visitors from attending indoor events such as lectures and art performances. For example, tickets are required for Eisner Center events and will be limited to ensure proper social distancing. Parents are welcome at athletic events, arts performances and other indoor campus events, but we limit local community members. If events are indoors, all members in attendance at such events are required to be masked regardless of vaccination status, and in some cases, we may make the decision to restrict the attendance to members of the Denison community.

Prospective Student Visitors

Prospective students will not be permitted to attend classes without the consent of the faculty members teaching the classes, which will be coordinated by the Office of Admission. Faculty members can choose not to have prospective students in their classes at any time. Admission will contact faculty members on a case-by-case basis to discuss their comfort level and any other requirements for allowing prospective students in their classrooms, as appropriate. At a base level, to attend classes, all prospective students must be fully vaccinated and must provide proof of vaccination to the Office of Admission before attending classes on campus.

Alumni Reunion

2021 and 2022 Reunion Classes

We’re pleased to extend an invitation to 2021 Reunion classes to join us for an in-person Reunion on campus in Granville on June 3-5, 2022. We are looking forward to celebrating with you on The Hill next year.

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