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Denison helps its students connect with mentors and guides as they navigate their career paths.

Learning about yourself is a vital beginning to making smart career choices. This includes thoughtful mentorship by faculty, alumni and parents who lead our students by asking the right questions that focus their career ambitions.

Mentors galvanize students, encourage them, ask good questions, and help them to develop goals and learn to achieve. At Denison, coaching and mentoring take place across all four years of study.

The Knowlton Center provides many opportunities and tools to build these relationships.

As students begin to imagine the kinds of lives they want to lead, it helps them to hear how others have led their journeys. NextGen is a program that brings young alumni back to campus so they can share their stories with students. Connecting with alumni that are close to them in age helps students to visualize their own trajectories and to see new places where opportunities can present themselves.  Students who have participated in the first OnBoard Cohort have been matched with mentors to continue putting into practice the professional skills they have gained through the online modules. 

In addition, the Knowlton Center will be piloting a new mentoring initiative this fall that will provide students and alumni the opportunity to connect to one another online to request and hold mentoring sessions.  Check back soon for more information about this unique initiative. 

“The goal for college students should not be just to find a job, but to build a life. We need to help them explore the kinds of lives people lead and the ways they develop careers to support those lives. Mentorship and coaching are crucial.”


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