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A new world is waiting for you. Here are the basics to help get you started down the road to your off-campus experience.

  1. Watch the Study Abroad 101 module on your own time.

    The majority of students at Denison begin the process of applying for study abroad during the fall semester of the sophomore year for programs during the following summer or their junior year.

  2. Approval Process: To pursue off-campus study for academic credit, students first must obtain Denison approval for the study and then apply for admission by the program partner. Denison approval is granted through a four-stage process.

    To see further evaluation criteria, please visit Global Tools.

Special Academic Regulations

You must enroll for a minimum course-load of twelve transferable U.S. semester credits for each semester of off-campus study. To receive transfer credit for an off-campus study experience, you must have pre-approval for courses you will pursue on your off-campus program. In general terms, if you apply a course toward a major, minor, or concentration, you must receive approval directly from that department/program.

Educational Enrichment Leave

You may apply for an Educational Enrichment Leave of Absence to pursue experiential learning opportunities that are not credit-bearing or structured educational opportunities whose coursework is not applicable to a Denison Baccalaureate degree.


Funds from institutional, need-based or merit aid can be applied to the Denison billed charges for a semester of off-campus study with an approved program. Denison employee tuition benefit and GLCA tuition remission also can be applied toward Denison charges for a semester of off-campus study. Work-study benefits cannot be applied to these charges. Aid eligibility is based on:

  • The estimated family contribution from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form and the CSS Profile (College Scholarship Service).

What to Expect:

  • During the semester off-campus study, students will be charged Denison tuition, room (multiple room rate), and meal plan (The Hill plan). Tuition will be equal to Denison’s full-time tuition which covers up to 18 credits.
  • Denison pays the program providers’ direct expenses. This includes tuition and other costs that are mandatory parts of the program (e.g. housing and meals, mandatory excursion fees, insurance).
  • Students are charged a non-refundable Denison off-campus study (OCS) Administrative Fee for the term abroad. The OCS Administrative Fee is currently $1000 for the 2022-2023 academic year.
  • Students are responsible for paying any fees that are considered Program or University Deposits, Application fees, Commitment fees, or a combination thereof. In most cases, these fees range from $300 to $500. These fees are due to the program provider immediately following acceptance to the program. Financial aid cannot be used to pay these fees, though some might be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Regarding airfare: For students with any level of demonstrated financial need, Denison will pay the equivalent of round-trip airfare from Columbus, OH to the host city. There is no financial aid for fares that exceed the round-trip from Columbus. Any overage must be paid by the students as a personal expense, and they may not be reimbursed.

As part of our Denison Program Application in Global Tools, students will receive the full policy regarding financing off-campus study and are encouraged to share this information with any parties involved in helping to finance this experience.

For more information on getting started and beginning your search, see Global Tools.

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