How it Works

A new world is waiting for you. Here are the basics to help get you started down the road to your off-campus experience.

  1. Make an appointment with an Off-Campus Study counselor:

    These appointments are available starting in April of the first year and continue through Thanksgiving break of the sophomore year. Your counselor will help you sort through your options and answer your questions.

  2. Choose a program: There are five basic programs to choose from. Find the one that best fits your needs.

  3. Approval Process: To pursue off-campus study for academic credit, students first must obtain Denison approval for the study and then apply for admission by the program partner. Denison approval is granted through a four-stage process.

    To see further evaluation criteria, please visit Global Tools.

Special Academic Regulations

You must enroll for a minimum course-load of twelve transferable U.S. semester credits for each semester of off-campus study. To receive transfer credit for an off-campus study experience, you must have pre-approval for courses you will pursue on your off-campus program. In general terms, if you apply a course toward a major, minor, or concentration, you must receive approval directly from that department/program.

Educational Enrichment Leave

You may apply for an Educational Enrichment Leave of Absence to pursue experiential learning opportunities that are not credit-bearing or structured educational opportunities whose coursework is not applicable to a Denison Baccalaureate degree.


Denison does not require you to pay its tuition or room/board fees during your term off-campus (except in the case of the Justus-Liebig-Universitat exchange). Denison presently charges a nominal administrative fee of $280 for a summer program, $895 for a semester program, and $1,000 for an academic year study with the same program or provider.

You will pay the education fee for your chosen program. To determine if a program is affordable, you should consider out-of-pocket expenses as well as the invoiced program fees. A comprehensive cost estimate for any given program on the Denison accepted list is available from the educational partner.

Financing options are available.

For more information on getting started and beginning your search, see Global Tools.

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Academic Administrative Assistant

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