Plan & Assessment Toolkit

The Assessment Committee is charged with the following:

  • Devising and executing a plan for the assessment of student learning; evaluating the results of that assessment and making recommendations for program improvement to the Academic Affairs Council and the Provost.
  • Drawing up and continually revising an instruction manual (“Assessment Toolkit”) to guide departments in implementing their plans and in generating their annual reports.
  • Regularly communicating with departments and academic programs to ensure that their assessment programs are on track.
  • Reviewing and evaluating departmental and program assessment reports on an annual basis, providing written feedback to departments, and making recommendations to the Academic Affairs Council and the Provost.
  • Providing an annual report on the assessment program to the Academic Affairs Council and the Provost.  A summary of departmental and program assessments will be presented annually while a summary of the all college assessment will be done biannually.


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