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Patrick Banner:

Patrick is a physics major and math minor from Ashville, Ohio. His activities in the physics department include lab assisting, tutoring, research with a senior thesis, and outreach. He is a recipient of the Anderson Scholarship for Excellence in Science and the Distinguished Leadership Award; a member of Sigma Pi Sigma, Sigma Xi, and Phi Beta Kappa; and a senior fellow in the physics department. Outside physics, his principal role is editor-in-chief of the staff of the Adytum, Denison’s yearbook. After Denison, he will attend graduate school, where he hopes to do more teaching and research and use the many skills and lessons he has learned at Denison. Patrick was recently awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Jane Bright:

Jane is a physics major, math major and astronomy minor. She is a Senior Fellow of the physics department, Co-president of the Society of Physics Students, tutor, lab assistant, Outreach leader and a member of Sigma Pi Sigma. After graduating from Denison, Jane plans to go to graduate school at the University of Arizona. Jane has accomplished a lot while at Denison. She is personally most proud of being awarded the Anderson Scholarship for Excellence in Science, and for the research for which she has been recognized, particularly the following: Jane published a first author paper in The Astrophysical Journal this past fall entitled, Absolute Dimensions of the F-type Eclipsing Binary V2154 Cygni. She also received the best poster award at the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics in 2017 for her study of the motion of active galaxy jets. In addition, Jane presented a poster about the research at the at the American Astronomical Society Meeting in January of this year. Jane really enjoys being known as the “astronomy person” at Denison. Don’t mess with Jane – she has a 3rd degree black belt in To-shindo!

Jiatao Cui:

Tao is a double major in physics and engineering. During his time at Denison, Tao has been a Junior and Senior fellow in the physics department and a member of Sigma-Pi-Sigma. He was an Anderson research fellow with Dr. Homan last summer, where he studied the brightness and polarization of the relativistic jets from active galaxies. In addition to his study of two galaxies, Tao developed a general program to organize and plot models for galaxies at range of frequencies. Tao has spent the last year at Columbia University as part of our cooperative 3-2 engineering program and he will be continuing in that program next year.

Geneva Cusack:

Geneva has a double major in physics and the classics. Her activities in the physics department include tutoring and being a teaching assistant for three years. She is co-president of the Society of Physics Students this year and acted as treasurer during her junior year. Geneva played four years on the Denison Women’s Rugby Team (conference champions for all four years) and served as Match Secretary for the team for two years. After graduation, Geneva will be employed as a Systems Engineer at Assett, Inc., in Manassas, Virginia.

(Glen) Ryan Drumm:

Ryan is a physics major and math minor. He worked for ITS-Logistics on Campus every semester and for four summers throughout his college career. He conducted research under the guidance of Professor Walter and Professor Gibson during the summer of 2017.

Achbold Jugdersuren:

Archie is a physics major with a computational science concentration. His participation in the physics department has included tutoring and being a lab assistant for Professors Tehver and Lott. He has been a member of the Denison Rugby Team. Archie would like to say he feels he has become a better person through everyone who walked through the first and ground floors of Olin and that he firmly believes in the adage, “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

Yimeng Li:

Romo is a physics and math double major. His research with Professors Gibson and Walter focused on the study of negative ions. Romo is applying to graduate school in the U.S. and England in operations research and financial engineering.

Bharat Madhavan:

Bharat is a physics major from Gahanna, Ohio. His activities in the physics department include research with Dr. Olmschenk and acting as a teaching assistant. He is currently applying for jobs and would like to pursue a Master’s degree in computer science.

Arjun Malhotra:

Arjun is a physics major with a concentration in computational sciences. He was active as a tutor in the physics department. Arjun was a member of the rugby team and head manager of the lacrosse team at Denison. He has a strong interest in applied Physics and has pursued summer research on Multiferronic Superlattices at U. C. Berkeley with Dr. Ramamoorthy Ramesh, working on thin films and pulsed laser depositions and device fabrications. Arjun headed a Manufacturing Engineering project to redesign the hydraulics assembly line at the J. C. Bamford Excavators, India, headquarters, which is accountable for over 60% of their global revenue. He is currently applying to graduate programs in Aerospace and Mechanical engineering and is pursuing positions directly in industry. He is also in talks with Tesla for an energy/engineering position in California.

Scott Miller:

Scott is a physics major and math minor. While at Denison Scott participated in the Big Brother/Big Sister program, the physics outreach program, the Society of Physics Students, and was Captain of the Club Tennis Team. Last summer he was a recipient of an Anderson Summer Research Fellowship under the mentorship of Dr. Walters. Scott is looking forward to job searching back in my hometown of Minneapolis - most likely in the field of data analytics.

Wae Nakayama:

Wae is a physics major pursuing a 3/2 degree. She was a senior fellow in the department, a physics tutor and the recipient of an Intro Physics Book Award. Wae spent a summer doing Research with Professors Gibson and Walter studying negative ions; and also worked with Professor Kuhlman in Biochemistry. Wae is applying for graduate school in electrical engineering.

Robert Templehof:

Robert is a double major in Physics and Theater. He has been active in the physics department as a tutor and a lab assistant for Dr. DeGroot and Dr. Homan. Robert is an epeeist for the Denison Fencing Club. (Go, Denison D'Artagnans!). After Denison, he will be spending his summer teaching high school students physics and general science at the Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Reservation in Wisconsin.

Posted Date 
Thursday, April 12, 2018


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