Why Studying Abroad Is Safer Than You May Think

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According to “The Chronicle of Higher Education,” study abroad is safer than headlines may lead you to think.

The article notes: “A new comparison of health and safety data finds that death rates are lower for students on study-abroad programs than for those on American campuses. Students in the United States are an estimated 2.18 times as likely to die as their classmates overseas.

“The report, which is based on insurance-claims data, was published by the Forum on Education Abroad, an association of American and overseas colleges and independent study-abroad programs, and is based on work by a statistical-analysis firm.”

It goes on to say: “To conduct the study, the forum persuaded two international-insurance providers to share claims data from 2014 for 147,000 insured students, close to half the number of American students who studied internationally that year. (Most colleges require students to have specialized insurance while overseas, which can cover everything from doctors’ visits to evacuations during medical — or geopolitical — crises.) The claims included four student deaths, two accidental and two related to pre-existing medical conditions. Ten percent of the students abroad filed some sort of claim.”

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

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