Oak Ridge Science Semester

Program Comprehensive Fee:

For all students, the Comprehensive Program fee for Fall 2018 was $22,500. This fee represents the educational costs (i.e. tuition) of the program, and does not include any other additional expenses, such as housing, meals, supplies, etc. is subject to change for Fall 2019.

Student Stipend (Both GLCA and ACM):  

Typically,students participating in the Oak Ridge Science Semester receive a significant stipend and housing allowance, which help cover costs of the program. The amount of both the stipend and housing allowance are dependent each year on adequate funding from the U.S. Department of Energy and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Selection into the Fall 2016 program carried a stipend of $8,000.

*The Program Stipend is paid to the student in periodic payments throughout the semester. This stipend is considered income and is taxable. In addition to helping cover tuition costs (which were already paid by the student prior to the start of the semester), this stipend can be used for personal expenses, transportation, meals, supplies, and books.

Financial Policies and Other Costs (Both GLCA and ACM):

Financial Aid:

In most cases, students receiving financial aid remain eligible for assistance and should consult their campus financial aid officer well in advance of the starting date of the Program.

Refund Policy:

The Refund Policy is based on that set forth by Denison University.


Housing is provided in an apartment complex in Oak Ridge. Two - four students share a two-bedroom fully furnished apartment. The housing rent (approximately $2,200/semester) is paid by the ORSS Program directly to the apartment complex.


Students are responsible for transportation to and from Oak Ridge and for all local travel to and from the laboratories. Because there is no local bus service, car pools are commonly used in commuting daily to and from ORNL. It is highly recommended that students bring a vehicle with them to Oak Ridge.

Shuttle service from the Knoxville airport and bus service from downtown Knoxville to Oak Ridge are available.

Other Expenses:

Students are responsible for their food, books and other personal expenses (estimated at $1,500).

Contact Us

Dan Gibson

Director of Oak Ridge Science Semester

Beth Jeffries

Administrative Assistant to the Associate Provosts
Oak Ridge Science Semester, Program Assistant


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