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Recently, seven Denison students competed at the Four College Mathematics Contest at Wittenberg University competing against six other teams from Kenyon College, Ohio Wesleyan College, Wittenberg University, and guest school the College of Wooster. Denison seniors Andrew Read-McFarland and Wei Peng won the competition and split the cash prize of 150 dollars. Our team of Aixin Li, Junbo Li, and Tiancheng Zheng tied for second place. First-year student Gabby Pleitez-Gomez and sophomore Holly Huo also had a strong showing. The questions ranged over a number of math topics including geometry and number theory. Thanks to Professor Matt Neal for sponsoring our students at this competition.

Wat types of questions were asked? Try your hand at these:

• Find the volume of the 6-sided convex polyhedron that has 5
vertices at (3, 2, 6), (2, 8, 3), (8, 8, 5), (4, 8, 12), and (5, 11, 8).
• Find the number of positive integers that are divisors of 1,000,000.
• Two integers are relatively prime if there are no prime numbers
that divide both of the integers (9 and 35 are relatively prime, 6 is
not relatively prime to 15). Find the number of positive integers
less than or equal to 1,000,000 that are relatively prime to

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Monday, March 27, 2017

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