Computer systems

My research interests are within the systems area of computer science and can be partitioned into the subareas of (i) fault-tolerance, (ii) networking and inter-domain routing, and (iii) high performance computing.

Algorithms, computational biology

I enjoy designing efficient online algorithms for network and scheduling problems. Like a market speculator, an online algorithm must respond to input as it arrives, without knowing the future. I am also interested in computational biology problems.

Artificial intelligence

My primary research interests are in artificial intelligence and machine learning. I am interested in studying how people learn to solve complex problems and then capturing that same behavior in a computer algorithm.

Big data

My research spans many different areas in computer science related to large data sets. Projects we could work on would involve answering questions about large network traffic, commercial product, or social network data sets.

Operator algebras, statistical modeling

I study operator algebras and statistical modeling. Operator algebras generalize problems in virtually every undergraduate class and model observable quantities in quantum physics. My statistical work is concerned with player evaluation in the NBA.