Track One

Most congressional internships take place during the sophomore or junior year. Most Lugar students in Track One opt for four-week internships beginning in mid-May.

Students in track one of the Lugar program must fulfill the following requirements:

  • One of the following courses:
    • Foreign Policy Formulation (F'11 new course number POSC 215, was POSC 358);
    • The Conduct of American Foreign Policy (F'11 new course number POSC 341, was POSC 359);
  • The Politics of Congress (F'11 new course number POSC 307, was POSC 319);
  • Any two courses selected from among the Political Science Department course offerings in the American politics subfield;
  • A congressional internship (all coursework must be completed prior to the internship)

Complete the Application form for Track One of the Lugar Program.

Track Two

Students enrolled in track two may fulfill part of their language requirement during the summer at the Graduate School of International Policy Studies in the Monterrey Institute in California or a similar program.

Students in Track Two of the Lugar Program must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Four courses selected from the Political Science Department offerings in the comparative politics or international relations subfields; Foreign Policy Formulation (American politics sub-field) may be counted toward the track Two requirements.
    • Or other approved International Relations/Comparative courses
  • Four semesters of a foreign language;
  • Completion of an approved off-campus internship or program with an experiential component.

Complete the Application form for Track Two of the Lugar Program.

Additional Information

Contact Andrew Katz, Program Director at 740.587.6405 or by email at  Application forms are available at the links below, or on the bulletin board in the Political Science office suite, Knapp 305.