Tom Seiter '08: from cow to cone

icecream cone
Tom Seiter '08 is living his dream, making ice cream from all local ingredients - including milk from his own cows.

Cold ice cream on a hot summer day - there's nothing that tastes better, right? Tom Seiter '08 and his wife Jocelyn have combined their love of ice cream and sustainable food and created a business.

At The Ice Cream Barn, on the property of Swansea, Rhode Island's Baker Farm, the couple build their ice cream from local and sustainable sources, one ingredient at a time.

In an Bay Magazine article, Seiter notes:
“'For me, it was always about local ingredients. I got my degree in Environmental Studies, which I never seriously felt would land me a great job. So, I began focusing on the way we produce food nowadays, and the importance of maintaining local food systems. I went to school at Denison University in agricultural-rich Ohio, and was shocked at how little you could actually buy at the grocery store that was produced locally. I thought that was a problem which needed to be addressed, and sensed real opportunity in creating a future around using local ingredients.'”

Visit Tom at The Ice Cream Barn.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

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