Denison Alumni Careers in East Asian Studies


The following alumni below are willing to respond to inquiries from current Denison undergraduates to provide guidance for future careers in East Asia. So do not hesitate to inquire at the Denison Alumni Office, or also by connecting on Facebook.

Industry and Commerce

John Robinson

After a year of study at the Nanjing-Hopkins Program in China, John worked for DTZ commercial real estate in Shanghai. He returned to a job with Deloitte Consulting in Chicago for a few years, and then set up his own consulting firm in Chicago: Chicago-China Resources Group LLC where he became Managing Partner in 2008. In 2011 John also became the Chief Executive of Mandarin Communication Group which publishes a mandarin quarterly. He has hired other Denison graduates in his consulting firm.

Jeremy Foust

Jeremy took a job with L.J. Smith Stair Systems in Bowerston, Ohio upon graduation in East Asian Studies, and travelled to China for them regularly. He moved to Xiamen in 2009, married there and is raising two remarkable children who often model clothes because they are so cute; and on the side Jeremy runs Coyote Café in the city. He claims living in a southern climate cannot be equaled.

Laura Kriska

Laura is a Japanese business consultant in New York City. She spent her junior year at the Waseda Program in Tokyo. She is the author of Accidental Office Lady describing her how at just 22 years old, she became the first American woman to work in the Tokyo headquarters of Honda Motor Company.

Andrew Forester

Following a productive junior semester in Shanghai, Andrew was accepted upon graduation into the Nanjing-Hopkins Program in China. His intention was to work in the business field.

U.S. Government

Kathryn Pongonis

Kathryn Pongonis is a Foreign Service Officer with the United States Department of State. She joined the State Department in 1999 and has served as a Political Officer in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Beijing (2001-2005), Chengdu, China (2005-2007) and back in Washington among other locations, and in 2014 was transferred to a post in Caracas, Venezuela for a 2-year tour after which she hoped to be posted again in East Asia. She has a JD degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Law.

Caroline Thoms

After a junior year at Waseda University, her Japanese language skills were supplemented by a Master’s Degree in public affairs from the University of Syracuse. Caroline then took a post in an executive branch job in Washington following her M.A. degree.

Kevin Qing

Kevin prepared an M.A. degree at Monterey Institute specializing in non-proliferation studies; and intended to work in the federal government.

Nate Hammond

Nate was admitted to Monterey Institute for a dual masters degree program for Public Administration and International Education Management in 2013; and planned to finish in January, 2015. Before beginning graduate work, Nate had been employed in Cincinnati doing immigration work for Chinese investing in the United States.

Erin Robinson

Erin studied for the Master’s Degree in Political Science at George Washington University, specializing in East Asia.

Law, Journalism, Tourism, Non-Profits

Sarah Richmond

Sarah attended the Ohio University journalism Master’s Program in Athens, Ohio upon graduation from Denison.

Holly Wilson

Holly was admitted to the University of Richmond law school on a prestigious John Marshall scholarship in 2013 after finishing a Senior Project on the history of Chinese mathematics

Jessica Thomas

Jessica pioneered a joint Senior Project on the history of biological science in China with biology as one of her disciplines; and has studied since graduation at the Ohio State University. She received her Master's Degree today in Biomedical Engineering in 2012, and continued on entering the PhD program. Jessica has also continued to study Chinese in the summers, and would like to teach at a small liberal arts college.

Andrew Philhower

Andrew has worked in Yunnan Province, based in Dali (Xizhou 喜洲 actually, 20 kilometers outside of Dali), at a hotel called The Linden Centre: “I do not know if you have heard of it, but it's a beautifully restored Bai Minority courtyard, and it's gotten a lot of press in the years since it's opened in 2008. I was working as a Travel Curator for the past few months, and have been promoted to Sales and Marketing.”

Dan Olds

Dan finished his BA in East Asian Studies at Denison University, and his master’s at the University of Southern Maine - Muskie School of Public Service, in Public Policy and Management where his concentration was in Public and Nonprofit Management. He also studied abroad with CIEE in Nanjing, China in the mid-90's and later in both Beijing and Singapore. Dan has expertise in program development/management and strategic communications to various constituencies and served as a Resident Director of the CIEE summer study abroad program in Shanghai and as an English teacher in the city of Chengdu. Having worked in the field of international education in myriad roles for more than 14 years and as Study Abroad Program Director for Asia for the last 10 years, Dan took on the new role of CIEE’s Director of Alumni Relations in June 2012. In this role, Dan engages over 350,000 global alumni through events and social media.

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Monday, August 3, 2015

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