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Nathalie Miebach sculpture

Data Scientist, Ecologist, Meteorologist, Sculptor, and Composer are just a few titles that describe Nathalie Miebach, a guest lecturer visiting Denison this month. Miebach combines all of these interests into her research and work: creating physical forms to model weather data. Miebach currently works on pieces, some that span an entire wall, to present data on temperature, wave patterns, and marine life off the coast of Cape Cod. How did Miebach find herself creating 12-foot, woven sculptures depicting data collected from buoys? It all began with legos, she says.

From an early age, legos became a tool for Miebach to learn to create, build, and understand how systems work together. In the same way that these childhood toys caught her attention, Miebach hopes that the playful display of her work will intrigue her audience before they close off to the presentation of ‘scientific information.’ As she continues to create new forms, now including musical pieces she composes, Miebach pushes the limits of manipulating and changing data for the sake of artistic representation while still preserving its statistical value. Through all of her work, Meibach has utilized sculpture as a way to understand data better. However, Meibach now hopes to explore how data itself may be an artistic medium.

Written by Mara Kilgore '19

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Monday, February 19, 2018

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