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Campus Services assists with planning and coordination of all summer camps and conferences visiting or staying on Denison's campus. Each year we have thousands of guests visiting for events such as the Special Olympics, various sports camps, professional conferences, and leadership experiences.

Downtown Columbus

Denison offers shuttle services both on a weekly basis to various Columbus area locations and businesses, as well as seasonal shuttles for students traveling during academic breaks.

Campus Hangouts

Looking for a place to relax? Slayter Student Union, The Bandersnatch, and The Nest are among the favorite Denison places to hang out with friends, read a book, listen to live music, and grab a cup of coffee or something to eat.

Facility Scheduling

Need to schedule a venue for a meeting? Wondering what's available for your next event? Make sure the place is yours for the day and time your want! We make scheduling your next meeting or event easy!