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Social Sciences

Denison advances the scientific study of human society and social relationships of individual members within society through its engaging and comprehensive Social Science curriculum.

Athletic Training
This course is designed for students who are interested in deepening their understanding of the science of yoga....

Professionally recognized by the American Medical Association since 1990, athletic trainers are committed to enhancing the health care that is provided to individuals who lead physically active lives.

Communication Fellows are outstanding juniors and seniors who work closely with professors as research assistants. Fellows are selected on the basis of merit.

This course is designed to initiate students into critical and intelligent debates surrounding the issue of communication and its pertinence to mas...
This course explores the intersection between communication ethics and political communication in the context of democratic pluralism....
This course develops the basic theories of labor supply and demand....
This course is anchored in the following key questions: 1) What determines the pattern of international trade?...

A concentration designed for economics majors who are interested in studying business, finance, real estate and insurance and preparing for careers in those fields

The Education Department is committed to thinking and acting ethically concerning social equality, justice, freedom of thought, peacemaking, and fair distribution of resources and opportunities.

In this seminar students will examine gay and lesbian issues in what is, arguably, the most central social institution in American culture....
This course explores the learning-teacher process in the elementary grades....
Physical Education
This course is designed to present the foundation of nutrition as it relates to physical education, athletics and the active population....
Physical Education
For players on every level. Students will learn the basic skills, rules and strategy and apply them during game situations....

The $38.5 million renovation and expansion of the Mitchell Center in 2013 is highlighted by the Trumbull Aquatics Center and the Crown Fitness Center, as well as new classrooms and gathering areas.

The Richard G. Lugar ’54 Program in Politics and Public Service welcomes former members of Congress to campus almost every year. Typically, we host two per visit, a Democrat and a Republican.

Political Science
This course provides an introduction to both the language used to describe international politics and the ways relationships between actors on the ...
Political Science
An introduction to the art and science of political philosophy....
Sociology & Anthropology
In this course we explore the intersecting relationships between law and justice in society and culture....
Sociology & Anthropology
Analyses of central theoretical questions in sociology/anthropology....

The Sociology/Anthropology department is, itself, an interdisciplinary program. It’s one of the few in the country to completely incorporate both disciplines in all aspects of the program.