Downy Serviceberry
Downy Serviceberry bark
Downy Serviceberry leaf
Downy Serviceberry
Recognition Features: 

Simple, alternate, pinnate, toothed leaves

Historical Notes: 

Serviceberry is also known as the shadbush, shadblow, or juneberry.  The tree bursts into bloom in early spring “when the shad run.”  It blooms even before its leaves have come out (Peattie 1964).  When the leaves do come out of the bud, they are covered with silvery down (Braun 1961).  The fruit matures by June and is edible (Petrides 1988).

Scientific Name: 
Amelanchier arborea
Scientific Family: 
Common Family: 
Rose Family
Denison Tree ID: 
Bench area in front of Doane