Physics - Pre-Engineering

With a long-standing tradition of strength in science and pre-engineering, Denison offers two great plans to prepare for an engineering career.

How We Learn
Steve Doty

Professor of Physics and Astronomy Steve Doty was awarded a Charles Brickman Award for Excellence in Teaching. His approach to teaching physics helps students take a quantum leap forward.

How We Learn
Laser Focus

Using lasers, DU physics students and professors have discovered a possible new path to explore antimatter and the National Science Foundation is supporting further inquiry.

How We Learn
Assistant professor of physics Steven Olmschenk

In the lower level of Olin Hall, a physics professor and his students are working on research in the field of quantum information, which could lead to an encryption process that is theoretically unbreakable.

Alumni Spotlight
Teaching physics on chalkboard

“One day, all children will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.”