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Black Studies

P.O. Box 810, Granville, OH 43023-0810 (USPS Only)
Blair Knapp 209

The interdisciplinary Black Studies Program is designed to investigate the black experience in Africa, North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, and in other parts of the African diaspora. The program draws on the expertise of faculty members in all four academic divisions of the college: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and the fine arts. It is consistent with the liberal arts philosophy of exploring issues fundamental to the development of a broadly educated person and the creation of a humane spirit.

East Asian Studies

P.O. Box 810, Granville, OH 43023-0810 (USPS Only)
Fellows Hall 210B

The East Asian Studies Program is designed to educate students in the languages and cultures of East Asia, primarily China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Students learn about the history and civilization of the whole region, with a focus on either China or Japan. The program is rounded out with a senior research project undertaken by every senior major.

Environmental Studies

P.O. Box 810, Granville, OH 43023-0810 (USPS Only)
Barney-Davis 105

Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary inquiry into the relationship between humans and the environment. It draws on work in natural science, life science, social science, humanities and the arts, to help students gain a deeper understanding, both of the environmental problems facing the world and of proactive opportunities for change.

International Studies

P.O. Box 810, Granville, OH 43023-0810 (USPS Only)
Fellows Hall 418

International Studies is interdisciplinary and encourages all of its students to view the world from various perspectives and to be broadly concerned with social, political, economical, and cultural processes, linkages, interdependencies, and power relations that connect individuals, communities, groups, states and regions across the globe. Shared dilemmas and challenges tie the world's citizens together.

Latin American & Caribbean Studies

P.O. Box 810, Granville, OH 43023-0810 (USPS Only)

The concentration in Latin American and Caribbean Studies is designed to promote a multidisciplinary approach to social, historical, political and linguistic issues in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its mission is to provide students a strong historical, social and cultural foundation for the understanding of specific components of different Latin American and Caribbean cultures.

Physical Education

P.O. Box 810, Granville, OH 43023-0810 (USPS Only)
Mitchell Center 207

The Department of Physical Education provides students with the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills to help future generations improve their physical and mental wellbeing through programs of athletics, physical education, and recreation. The Physical Education Center includes a wide range of facilities, which are utilized by students for classes, research, athletics, and recreation.

Political Science

P.O. Box 810, Granville, OH 43023-0810 (USPS Only)
Blair Knapp 305

The Political Science curriculum allows students to explore political theory and issues in the United States and around the world through courses ranging from the U.S. Congress or Presidency to courses on Russia or Terrorism to politics of developing nations, human rights or the global environment. Students can explore issues in international relations, foreign policy, constitutional law or the role of religion in politics.

Queer Studies

P.O. Box 810, Granville, OH 43023-0810 (USPS Only)

The discipline of Queer Studies encompasses theories and thinkers from numerous fields: cultural studies, gay and lesbian studies, race studies, women's studies, media, postmodernism, post-colonialism, psychoanalysis and more.

Women's and Gender Studies

P.O. Box 810, Granville, OH 43023-0810 (USPS Only)
Blair Knapp 210

The Women's Studies Program fosters critical awareness and intellectual sensitivity to women's issues, the relationship between gender and other aspects of "identity," including race, class, age, religion and sexuality, methods inflected by the interdisciplinary of women's studies, and how the academic study of women's issues and gender has the power to transform lives.