Granville & Beyond

The Big Red Express is a free shuttle service operated by Campus Services for Denison students only. Our goal is to provide safe and reliable transportation for students to enjoy dining and shopping on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Campus Services | Conferences & Facility Rentals

Scheduling an event on the Denison campus for your conferences, meetings, weddings, receptions, summer camps, or other activities is easy! We are a One-Stop Shop for all your planning needs.

To reserve a place for your events or activities, please call 740-587-6727 or 740-587-6461 during business hours (8:30am—4:30pm) or e-mail

First-Year Program | Housing | Orientation Programs

Below is the tentative schedule for August Orientation 2016. Students will receive an up-to-date schedule in their registration packet on Sunday, August 28th. If you have any questions that need addressed now, please contact the First-Year Office at 740-587-6224 or email

* The Aug-O schedule is a brief overview of what to expect. Students will receive their final schedule on move-in day, August 28th.

Provost’s Office

New Faculty Orientation & Fall Faculty Symposium


When registering for classes, students carefully need to consider needs in their major, general education possibilities, prerequisites, and hierarchical structures of some programs.