The America Reads Advisory Board program was established to offer students who are passionate about America Reads a chance to help guide the program within its given constraints. As such, A-board members help the coordinator plan training sessions, help with recruiting activities, interviewing and most importantly planning effective reflection sessions.

The school liaison program will enhance communication among tutors, teachers, principals, school coordinators, and the Denison coordinator. School liaisons will clarify expectations, provide opportunities for feedback, and solve problems among all constituents. Liaisons will be important leaders in the America Reads program.

In general, the Summer Scholars Programs at Denison permit students to pursue full-time independent research under the close supervision of a faculty member for ten weeks during the summer.

Students with Federal Work Study will be placed for up to 6-8 hours per week with a local community non-profit organization to assist with on-going or new projects as needed by the organization. Students should be engaged in meaningful work that directly aligns with the mission of the organization.

This form is for use by Denison students, faculty and staff. All unauthorized requests will be deleted.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for a new DCA committee, please complete the proposal form. Upon completion, your proposal will be reviewed by the DCA Cabinet and you will be contacted with the next steps for the proposal. Before you submit a committee proposal, please review the following DCA documentation including the DCA Constitution and election procedures. Should your proposal gain approval, your organization will be subject to these regulations in addition to Denison University campus organization policies.

A Denison Dollars account is a prepaid, declining balance account that can be used on campus for purchases at the University Bookstore, Copy Center, Mail Center, all Dining Services locations, Bandersnatch (our student coffee house), campus vending machines, and laundry rooms in eighteen of the residence halls.

If you would like to apply for need-based financial aid, please submit this  Early Decision Financial Aid Application.  If you have questions about the need-based financial aid process, fell free to contact the Denison Financial Aid Office at 1-800-DENISON.

Organizational Studies Application for Enrollment and Recommendation form for entry into the program.

The goal of the Entrepreneurial Endeavors workshop is to link entrepreneurship theory with practice, studying entrepreneurial thinking and cultivating transferable entrepreneurial skills.

If you would like to initiate a voluntary withdrawal from Denison, you must complete an Exit Form and then contact  to schedule an exit interview. 

Your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can be selected for review in a process called verification. The law says that before awarding Federal Student Aid, we may ask you to confirm the information you and your parents reported on your FAFSA if you are a dependent student.

Your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) may be selected for review in a process called verification. The law says that before awarding Federal Student Aid, we may ask you to confirm the information you reported on your FAFSA.

Your completed application should be submitted electronically to Academic Integrity Intern, Allison Kranek ( This sheet should serve as the cover sheet to your application materials.


Denison University sponsors a non-residential Host Family Program that brings together international students with local families. Host families help new international students adjust to their new cultural surroundings. They also provide entrée into the local community and off campus life. In turn, local families are able to expand their own horizons through friendship with a student from another country. Many relationships between host families and international students last long after the student has graduated from Denison.

Students, please use this form to select areas of interest for volunteer opportunities.

Request a book or article from another school if Denison, CONSORT, & OhioLINK don't have what you're looking for.

The Language and Culture House is an exciting residential option that gives second, third, and fourth-year students a special environment where they can hone their language skills and participate in special cultural events. Students live in a small community of their peers who share enthusiasm for foreign languages and cultures want to sharpen their daily language skills.

A Licking County Scholar is defined as one currently completing his/her senior year at a Licking county High School, having earned a high school GPA of 3.4 or above, and is simultaneously registered for one college level course at Denison University. No application fee is required. If after any semester a Licking County Scholar’s semester average is less than 2.00, his or her eligibility for participation in this program shall be terminated.

Students who have previously acknowledged their preference for their federal student loans can request changes to the loan(s) that were offered by completing the Loan Update form and returning to the Office of Financial Aid.

Track One focuses on the workings of American national government and offers a congressional internship as well as coursework.

Track Two focuses on United States foreign policy and international affairs and offers coursework in foreign policy, comparative politics and international politics, as well as internships with the Washington Semester Program.

The Make It Happen! workshop will consist of classroom presentations, discussions, and field trips. Participants are encouraged to identify an area of interest that they can use as a focus for their work during the workshop and beyond.

Mileage Reimbursement request form for the Alford Center for Service Learning. Forms must be turned in the first week following the month you incurred the mileage.

Private Lesson Scholarship

Private Lesson Student Schedule

All application materials for the Oak Ridge Science Semester (ORSS) must be received by Denison University by March 1. It is extremely important to submit all application materials by this deadline. Typically, you will be notified about acceptance into the program within 3-6 weeks after the application deadline.

Optional Practical Training (OPT) provides an opportunity for F-1 visa holders to gain up to one year of experience in their field of study during their annual summer vacation, while school is in session (if training does not exceed 20 hours per week), and/or after graduation. Most students choose to save OPT until after graduation. A job offer is not required to apply for OPT. Students may apply before graduation or within the sixty (60) day grace period following graduation.

The Denison Cycling Orientation offers an opportunity for 10 members of the incoming class to take a four-day back-roads excursion through the beautiful natural areas of central Ohio.

Denison Experience in Urban Culture and Expression (DEUCE) enables 24 entering First-Year Students, along with two faculty members and three Student Staffers to explore the vibrant urban arts culture that only a big city can generate. After a day of getting to know one another, the group will travel to Philadelphia where they will meet with visual and performance artists to talk about the role the arts play in social change.

Denison Outdoor Orientation offers an opportunity for 48 members of the incoming class and 12 faculty/staff and student leaders to backpack for three days in the National Forest in Kentucky. After a day on campus preparing for the trip, participants will journey to the National Forest, where they will spend three days hiking, camping and relaxing. The purpose of this program is to provide students a unique, challenging, and enjoyable transition to life at Denison by forming bonds and friendships with other entering first-years – all while on the trail.

The Denison Service Orientation (DSO) is an intense direct-service experience designed to help incoming students adjust to college, build strong friendships, and realize the possibilities available to them at Denison. Approximately 24 students from the incoming class will travel to Washington D.C. for a service experience related to homelessness, hunger and HIV/AIDS issues. During the program participants will engage in leadership training, group building, issues education and direct service.

June Orientation is an optional but highly recommended orientation program for students who are new to the college experience. June-O focuses on the academic preparation and course pre-registration of the entering class.

If you plan to use Denison's shuttle service, we ask that you provide your travel information to us once it is known, including arrival and departure dates, times, and flight numbers.

Paving the Way encourages all entering students to participate in this program, although its primary focus is to assist traditionally under-represented student populations in transitioning to the academic, cultural, and social climate at Denison University.

The purpose of the Pre-O program is to ease their transition to living and studying in the United States. More importantly, students who participate in this program have the opportunity to meet other students with similar interests and experiences.

Denison Sustainable Farming Orientation offers an opportunity to work on projects such as harvesting, preserving (canning, drying, freezing), repairing and building trails, and managing farm animals, and forming bonds and friendships. It allows for up to 18 members of the incoming class and 3 to 5 faculty/staff leaders to practice sustainable farming by living and working on the The Flying J Farm, a sustainable farm located 20 minutes from Denison.

If you are a Pell Grant recipient, you may be eligible to have the registration fee and lodging for parents fee waived for the June Orientation program by verifying your Pell eligibility with the First-Year office.