Award Notifications

Tentative Award Notification

When award notifications are mailed and why they are tentative

Beginning in late March, tentative need-based financial aid award notifications will be mailed to all accepted prospective students from whom Denison has received FAFSA information. Denison will continue to mail tentative financial aid award letters until May 1st. If a student files for aid after May 1st, the financial aid file must be complete before a financial aid award will be made.

Applicants should carefully review their tentative award letter and the enclosed information sheet that provides details about each of the awards and how to finalize awards, if an applicant enrolls.

Final Award Notification

If an applicant enrolls


Enrolled students who are receiving need-based aid and are selected for federal verification will be notified by mail after May 1 about the documentation needed for the federal verification process. There will be a Verification Worksheet provided to you in the notification letter which gives detailed instruction about the documentation needed for the verification process.

Tax filers (student and/or parents) are required to submit their federal tax data from the IRS. IRS tax data can be submitted in two ways:

  1. IRS tax data can be loaded directly into the FAFSA using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT).
  2. If the IRS DRT cannot be used, the tax filer must submit an IRS Tax Transcript AND W-2 forms, if applicable.

Non-Tax Filers must provide copies of employer provided W-2 forms, if applicable.

Final Awards

Notification will be sent to the students informing them if their initial tentative awards are final or if they have been revised.

If your initial tentative awards are final:

  • No changes were made to the initial FAFSA data in the verification process, or
  • Changes were made to the initial FAFSA data in the verification process, but the changes did not result in an adjusted financial aid award

If your initial tentative awards were adjusted:

  • Awards are adjusted if the verification process results in changes that must be made to the initial FAFSA data that impact the eligibility for need based aid

Student Loans

Final Award notifications will include instructions for the following requirements to ensure that the Federal Direct student loans credit against the student charges:

  • Accepting, reducing or declining the Federal Direct Loan(s) at self service link
  • Signing the Electronic Master Promissory Note (eMPN) at
  • Completing the Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling at

If the Federal Direct Loan Requirements are completed before the Fall bills are generated on July 1, they will display as credits on the bill statement.

Student Employment

Work awards (Federal Work Study and/or Non-federal Work Study) do not credit against billable charges. Students who work on campus will be paid a bi-weekly paycheck for actual hours worked.

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