Denison Learning Guide

The Learning Guide encourages students to do 10 things: ask questions, manage their time, follow their heart, be creative, respect others, take risks, maintain their integrity, show courage, take care of themselves, and enjoy it all. It asks students to focus on three dimensions of a Denison education: academics, experiences, and community.

Registrar Academic Calendar

In an effort to make tracking academic events and other important dates at Denison even easier, we are pleased to offer our yearly academic calendar through Google Calendar.

Provost Faculty Newsletter

The Faculty Newsletter is published by the office of the provost during the first week of each month of the academic year.

Title IX is a law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program. Sexual misconduct is prohibited under this law.

Provost Tuesday Lunch Series

This series, sponsored by the Provost's Office, is a wonderful way to interact with colleagues and learn about their work.