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Kim Coplin ’85 Coplin, Kim A. Coplin ’85

Kim Coplin '85
Provost and Associate Professor
Faculty, Senior Administration  |  Provost's Office, Astronomy, Physics
Doane Administration
B.A., Denison University; M.A., Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D., Ohio State University

Kim Coplin has done research in experimental condensed matter physics, especially concentrating on conducting polymers, and in the biophysics of human movement. She most recently taught Introductory Physics, Modern Physics, and 'Physics and the Sound of Music'. Kim served as an Associate Provost from 2006 to 2013, and as Provost since 2013.

Research Keywords: 
Condensed Matter
Research Overview: 
Experimental research on conductive polymers and soliton formation.

Selected Publications

  • R”, S. Quillard, G. Louarn, K. Berrada, S. Lefrant, K.A. Coplin, S.W. Jessen, and A.J. Epstein. 1995. Resonance Raman Scattering and Photoinduced Infrared Absorption in Different Forms of Polyanilines and Substituted Polyanilines .Nonlinear Optics. v. 10 p. 253
  • A.J. Epstein, J.W. Blatchford, K. Kim, L.-B. Lin, T.L. Gustafson, K.A.Coplin, and A.G. MacDiarmid. 1994. Long Lived Neutral Solitons in Pernigraniline Base. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals. v. 256 p. 399
  • K.A. Coplin, S. Jasty, S.M. Long, S.K. Manohar, Y. Sun, A.G. MacDiarmid, and A.J. Epstein. 1994. Neutral Soliton Formation and Disorder in Pernigraniline Base. Physical Review Letters. v. 72 p. 3206
  • K.A. Coplin, J.M. Leng, R.P. McCall, A.J. Epstein, S.K. Manohar, Y. Sun, and A.G. MacDiarmid. 1993. Photoexcitation Spectroscopy: Solitons in Pernigraniline Base. Synthetic Metals. v. 55 p. 7
  • R.P. McCall, J.M. Ginder, J.M. Leng, K.A. Coplin, H.J. Ye, A.J. Epstein, G.E. Asturias, S.K. Manohar, J.G. Masters, E.M. Scherr, and A.G. MacDiarmid. 1991. Photoinduced Absorption and Erasable Optical Information Storage in Polyanilines.Synthetic Metals. v. 41 p. 1329
  • T.E. Skinner, M. T. DeLand, G.E. Ballester, K.A. Coplin, P.D. Feldman, and H.W. Moos, J. Geophys. 1988. Temporal Variation of the Jovian H I Lyman Alpha Emission. Res.. v. 93 p. 29
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Adele Gorrilla Gorrilla, Adele Neumann Gorrilla

Adele Gorrilla
Chief Investment Officer
Staff, Senior Administration  |  Investment Office
Sigma Chi
B.S., Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
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Julie Houpt ’75 Houpt, Julia Houpt ’75

Julie Houpt '75
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Staff, Senior Administration  |  Institutional Advancement
Burton D. Morgan Center
B.A., Denison University; J.D., University of Southern California

Julie earned a B.A. in art history from Denison and her J.D. from the University of Southern California. She practiced law in Los Angeles before directing advancement efforts at Stanford University's Southern California office, the University of Pennsylvania, and Friends' Central School in suburban Philadelphia. She returned to Denison in 2000 as vice president to lead the fundraising, communications and alumni relations efforts. She also serves as a member of the president's senior staff.

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Laurel B. Kennedy dr. Kennedy, Laurel B. Kennedy

Laurel B. Kennedy
Vice President
Staff, Senior Administration  |  Student Development
Doane Administration
B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison; M.A., Ohio University; Ph.D. Ohio University

Dr. Kennedy earned a B.A. in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her M.A. in from Ohio University’s School of Telecommunication. She worked for National Public Radio in Washington, DC for several years before returning to graduate school. She received a Fulbright to conduct her dissertation research on telecommunications policy in Southeast Asia, completing the PhD from Ohio University in 1990. Dr. Kennedy taught courses on the US and international communication industries, as well as service-learning courses related to US social issues. She was tenured in Denison’s Communication Department, which she then chaired for six years. From 2002-2007, Dr. Kennedy served as Dean of First-Year Students and from 2007-2010 as Director of the Alford Center for Service Learning. She became Vice President for the Division of Student Development in 2010 and serves as a member of the president's senior staff.


Professional publications in Student Affairs:

  • More than a Hunch: Assessing and Evaluating a Medical Amnesty Policy’s Effectiveness.” (with Julie Tucker). OASPA/OCPA Annual Conference, January 30, 2014.
  • Structuring a divisional assessment model: To centralize or not?” (with Julie Tucker). Ohio Student Affairs Assessment Conference, Columbus, OH, July 2012.
  • Finding comfort with discomfort: Listening as an instrument of change.” (with Erik Farley and Natalie Pariano), ACPA Annual Meeting, Louisville, KY, March 2012.
  • Self-efficacy, self-appraisals and the freshman male experience: Implications for advising.” NASPA Annual meeting, Boston, MA, March 2008.
  • Meeting First-Year Students Through Their Work.” (Poster Presentation), Annual Conference on the First-Year Experience, Addison, TX, February 2007.

Communication scholarship:

  • The past without the pain: The manufacture of nostalgia in Vietnam’s tourism industry.” with Mary Rose Williams, in Tai, Hue-Tam Ho (ed.), The Country of memory: Remaking the past in late socialist Vietnam. Berkeley: University of California Press (2002).
  • Vietnam seeks political stability and economic growth.” Media Development 42(1), 11-13 (January 1995).
  • Telecommunication.” In Jomo K.S. (ed.), Privatizing Malaysia: Rent, Rhetoric, Realities. Boulder: Westview Press (1995).
  • Communication development in Vietnam: The politics of planning.” Gazette 51(3), 219-253 (Fall 1993).
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Seth H. Patton Patton, Seth H. H. Patton

Patton, Seth H. H. Patton
Vice President, Finance & Management
Staff, Senior Administration  |  Finance & Management
Doane Administration
B.S.Ed., M.S.Ed., Bowling Green State University
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Perry Robinson Robinson, Perry Robinson

Perry Robinson
Vice President & Director of Admissions
Staff, Senior Administration  |  Admissions Office
Beth Eden
A.B., Ripon College; M.S.Ed., University of Wisconsin
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Adam Weinberg dr. Weinberg, Adam Weinberg

Adam Weinberg
Senior Administration  |  President's Office
Doane Administration
B.A., Bowdoin College; M.A., Ph.D., Northwestern University

Adam Weinberg joined Denison University as its 20th president on July 1, 2013. He previously served as president and CEO of World Learning, one of the premier international education, exchange and development organizations. World Learning works with young people from more than 140 countries, helping them develop the ability to address critical global issues.

Previously, he was vice president and dean of the college at Colgate University, where he was a member of the sociology department for more than a decade. At Colgate, he gained national prominence for his work on increasing the level of civic engagement at colleges and universities. He also founded a number of organizations, including the Center for Outreach, Volunteerism, and Education (COVE) and the Partnership for Community Development.

Weinberg brings to Denison a breadth of experience with the liberal arts and global education. He was drawn to Denison by its innovative faculty and motivated students; its momentum on the landscape of higher education; and its academic rigor, scholarly research, civic engagement and steadfast commitment to the liberal arts.

The world desperately needs the kind of graduates that Denison produces,” he says. “The values, skills, habits and knowledge of the liberal arts are critical to the next generation of political leaders, social entrepreneurs and private sector leaders.”

A native of Texas, Dr. Weinberg’s passion for ice hockey took him to New England, where he attended Deerfield Academy and Bowdoin College, graduating magna cum laude. He worked at Cambridge University before earning his master’s and doctoral degrees in sociology from Northwestern University. He has co-authored two books, Urban Recycling and the Search for Sustainable Development and Local Environmental Struggles, and currently is writing a book on the relationship between higher education and civil society. He also has published articles in The Washington Quarterly, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Education, Peer Review and a range of academic journals.

He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and has served on a variety of national and local boards including the Alliance for International Education and Cultural Exchange, InterAction and Vermont Campus Compact. When he arrived at Denison, Weinberg joined the boards of Ohio Campus Compact and Our Futures of Licking County.

Dr. Weinberg resides in historic Monomoy Place, the president's house at Denison, with his wife, Anne, their three children and a new puppy.

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