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Art History & Visual Culture

P.O. Box 810, Granville, OH 43023-0810 (USPS Only)
Bryant Arts Center 501

The Art History & Visual Culture Program at Denison is designed to identify and develop critical awareness, in accordance with the general aim of a liberal education. This program provides students with the opportunity for instruction and practice in the visual arts as preparation for graduate studies and professional pursuits in this field.


P.O. Box 810, Granville, OH 43023-0810 (USPS Only)
Cinema House

The major in Cinema is designed for the serious student who is interested in the history, theory, and production of film and video as art forms. Students learn the process of producing creative works of cinema utilizing both film and digital equipment. The goals of the major are to provide students with a working knowledge of the principles of production in connection with an understanding of Cinema as an art form.


P.O. Box 810, Granville, OH 43023-0810 (USPS Only)
Doane Dance Building 202

Dance at Denison explores the physical and intellectual connections of language, culture, and development through movement. We emphasize embodiment as a means of knowing and responding to each other and our environment.


P.O. Box 810, Granville, OH 43023-0810 (USPS Only)
Burton Hall 101

Music is an important aspect of life at Denison. The curriculum combines theory and practice, and students from all academic disciplines participate in a broad spectrum of courses and ensembles, while students interested in a music major or minor gain the skills to excel in their area of concentration—performance, education, history, composition..

Studio Art

P.O. Box 810, Granville, OH 43023-0810 (USPS Only)
Bryant Arts Center 401

Denison’s Studio Art program respects art traditions of the past but has a progressive eye to the future. The program emphasizes art-making as a means to thinking from multiple perspectives not only about oneself, but also about one’s relationship with the world of ideas.


P.O. Box 810, Granville, OH 43023-0810 (USPS Only)
Theatre Arts Building 3

With a broad-based liberal arts perspective, the Department of Theatre emphasizes historical, social and theoretical study in the fundamental principles of theatre arts. The theatre major is designed to develop artistic and intellectual potential, facility in problem-solving, and practical application in stage production. The department produces a wide variety of theatre productions each academic year, with auditions open to the entire campus.